Somewhere in Neverland | All Time Low *Completed*

16 year old Wendy Price isn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school. After being dragged to an All Time Low concert by her emo best friend Gemma, Wendy finds herself stuck in numerous unlikely situations with lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. But maybe Alex turned up for a reason? Maybe Alex can take Wendy to a place where anything is possible? Maybe he can take her to Neverland? Based on the All time Low song 'Somewhere in Neverland'. Contains slight mature content


2. Teachers Pet... woof

My German teacher wasn't too bothered when I was late - I was kind of a teachers pet. I sat down at the back of the class and got on with my work, curious as to what Gemma had to tell me after.


As soon as the bell went, I went to the lockers, to find Gemma already there looking fit to burst.


"Guess what I have to tell you! Go on! Guess!" she smiled; Gemma was actually Scene (she looked Emo but acted happy and didn't do any of that self harm stuff.)

"I don't know. Just tell me." I wasn't one for guessing games; they bored me. I put my hands in my hoodie pockets.

"I got us two tickets to All Time Low!" I stared at her blankly, and she looked shocked. "Cousin Jacks band? All Time Low?" I blinked.

"Ohh, yeah."

"Aren't you excited?"

"Um, sure." I was not excited. I hated punk rock music.

"Well the concerts on Friday night so you can sleep round mine tomorrow night and we'll have the day off school to get ready!" she smiled as the bell went. "Skype you later!" she yelled.


* * *


"What's up, darling?" My mum said as I walked into the house after school.

"Nothin," I said, "Hey mum can I go to a concert with Gemma Friday night?"

"I guess."



 I ran upstairs to go and skype Gemma the news.

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