Somewhere in Neverland | All Time Low *Completed*

16 year old Wendy Price isn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school. After being dragged to an All Time Low concert by her emo best friend Gemma, Wendy finds herself stuck in numerous unlikely situations with lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. But maybe Alex turned up for a reason? Maybe Alex can take Wendy to a place where anything is possible? Maybe he can take her to Neverland? Based on the All time Low song 'Somewhere in Neverland'. Contains slight mature content


9. I'm Done with Alex Gaskarth

For the next few days, I didn't see Alex. Everyday I would walk into the science lab, with a burning desire to talk to him. But he never showed up. I would sit there on my own, behind the guy who writes the paper, not even focusing on my work. All I could think about was Alex, and the thought of him doing all the things the Lost Boys did, shop lifting, vandalizing, dealing... Maybe even sleeping around.

I pushed the thought of him doing those things out of my head. Why would he do that? Why would he give his life to them? Rumor has it once you join, its difficult to get out of. I had to at least talk to him, convince him to get help.

By Monday, Alex was in bio. His regular playful smile was twisted into a dry scowl. He had a massive nasty-looking scar above his right eyebrow. an it didn't seem like the Alex that I knew.

"Where have you been?" I asked. He looked at me. His eyes had big purple bags underneath his eyes, like he hadn't slept in days.

"Out." He replied.

"What do you mean out? I was worried about you."

"Well, don't be I'm fine."

"You don't look fine." 

"Well, I am" He snapped.

When the bell rang, Alex left the lab without even glancing at me. 

* * *

I walked down the hallway alone. When I saw Gemma. I'd also be drifting away from her. I thought I'd invite her over to hang out tonight. But then i realized she wasn't alone. She was with Alex.

Well I'm not going to deny it, they looked very cosy together. He had his arm over her shoulders and was whispering something in her ear. She was giggling at him. She looked really pretty, her hair twisted into a perfect bun. 

I felt jealousy build up inside me. What was he doing with her?  Did he realize he liked my best friend more? Is that why he ignored me early in bio? 

Well, I guess i'll never know. I'm DONE with Alex Gaskarth. 

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