Somewhere in Neverland | All Time Low *Completed*

16 year old Wendy Price isn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school. After being dragged to an All Time Low concert by her emo best friend Gemma, Wendy finds herself stuck in numerous unlikely situations with lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. But maybe Alex turned up for a reason? Maybe Alex can take Wendy to a place where anything is possible? Maybe he can take her to Neverland? Based on the All time Low song 'Somewhere in Neverland'. Contains slight mature content


31. Funeral

When I got home, I got changed into a black dress that my mom had picked out for me. I did my makeup and put on some black leather loafers. I didn't want to overdo it, I wanted to look like the simple me that he first knew me as. I still made an effort, wrapping my hair around the curling iron until it made soft ringlets. I heard her call my name. The car was here. I ran down the stairs, my limbs shaking. I knew the funeral wasn't going to be very busy. Only me, my mum and my brothers, his aunt and a few of his other family members. 

As the car took us to the church, my heart was beating so fast it was making me short for breath. I linked my arm around my mom’s. I knew she was always there for me, and she knew how hard it was for me. 

We took our places on the cold, hard wooden pews. We sat there for about 10 minutes, before the song 'Amazing Grace' began to play, and a few of his family members carried the flower, covered coffin. I felt my eyes fill with hot tears that stained my face as the tumbled onto my cheeks. I looked over at his aunt, who was trying her best not to cry. I pulled a tissue out of my bag and held it to my blood-shot eye. 

The vicar approached the stand. 

"Today, we are here to celebrate that life of Alex Gaskarth, He-"

Before he could continue, I couldn't help but run out of the church. As I ran out of the tall, arched door, felt the cold breeze hit my burning face. I didn't know where I was going, or how far I was going to run, but I did. I took a turn around the back of the church, running straight into a graveyard. I let myself drop onto my knees in exhaustion, letting out a big scream, my face exploding into floods of tears. I held my weary head in my hands. This wasn't happening.

I struggled to catch my breath as my heart was at an obscene pace and all my energy had been wasted on running. As much as I regretted leaving the church, I couldn't bring myself to go back in there. 

"I envy Alex, being dead so he doesn't have to look at you anymore."

I could hear Gemma's words replay in my mind. Each word like a scar on my fragile skin. I let out another fierce cry before I my mom came running towards me from the distance.

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