Somewhere in Neverland | All Time Low *Completed*

16 year old Wendy Price isn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school. After being dragged to an All Time Low concert by her emo best friend Gemma, Wendy finds herself stuck in numerous unlikely situations with lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. But maybe Alex turned up for a reason? Maybe Alex can take Wendy to a place where anything is possible? Maybe he can take her to Neverland? Based on the All time Low song 'Somewhere in Neverland'. Contains slight mature content


35. Final Decision

That night I returned home feeling numb, empty. My mom was out taking my brothers to see her old friend, May; I was home alone.


I threw my bag down in the kitchen and collapsed, breaking down into sobs, my chest tight with unbearable pain. I couldn't live without him... it should have been me that they shot, not him. I should've died instead. I should be dead now.


I'd been contemplating it for ages... it was the one way I'd see Alex again... but I'd always reminded myself of what I had to live for - friends, family. But the thing is, that all seemed to be going downhill. Every "friend" I thought I'd had, had left me when things got hard, and as for family, if my dad was coming home who knew what would happen and how bad things would get again.


I sighed, wiping my hot tears from my cheeks with the back of my hand. I knew I had to say goodbye... I just didn't know how. I knew that in the living room there was a stack of fine paper, meant for writing letters. Mom had always been weird and old fashioned, and writing letters instead of typing them was one of her weird infatuations. "Everything is computerised nowadays," she'd say, "I just don't want the old traditions to die."


I sighed, taking my favourite purple gel pen from my pocket and began writing.




I'm so, so sorry, for everything I've put you through. I don't want you to think that this is your fault - its not Mom, its my decision. Alex is all I ever needed, Mom - and when he left it was really hard for me. I didn't know how to get through it. You helped, mom, you really did - I just don't see what I have to live for anymore. Without Alex, its like life has no meaning.


I love you so, so much, please don't ever blame yourself. I will miss you. I will miss the boys too, tell them they've been the best brothers I've ever had. I love you guys so much.


This  is goobye.


I folded the paper in half, and wrote Mom in swirly, cursive writing. I thought about texting Gemma; but I knew it'd be a waste of time. In the end, I reminded myself of what a good friend she'd been, and managed to type a quick text:

gem its me again

i just wanted 2 thnk u for being a gd friend

i forgive u 4 evrythin

dont blame urself for whtever hppens


goodbye xxxx


I sighed and stood up, leaving my phone on the counter next to mom's letter. For a brief moment, I felt infinite. I knew my pain and suffering would end soon. I wasn't worried about Mom and the boys. They were strong, and they would get through this. They wouldn't really miss me, it would be better for them.


I tied my hair up in a sloppy ponytail, and wrapped Alex's hoodie tighter around my freezing cold body. I wondered idly what he'd think of me doing this... then I pushed it out of my mind. I was doing this for me. I needed it. Grabbing the car keys, I ran out of the house and into the car, driving down to Maryland bridge.


When I arrived, parked the car with the keys still in the ignition. I mean, what did it matter if the car got stolen? I wouldn't have any use for it anyways, and it might help the poor person out, and make them happy.


Glancing around, I noticed that the bridge was deserted, not a single person anywhere near it. Climbing up onto the ledge, I closed my eyes and took a breath real slow. I was going to see Alex. I was going to be with Alex. I could almost hear him on the cold breeze, in the wind blowing viciously through my hair... Wendy...


I jumped.

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