Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


8. 8.

Lily's Pov

"Sweetheart.. Lily.." I rolled away from the voice that hurt my ears. 

"Wake up" He said this time his voice stronger.

I slowly opened my eyes, squinting when the sudden burst of light blinded me. I opened them again to see him. Jason. I felt relieved to see him. How could I feel relief when I saw my indirect kidnapper I had no idea but he helped me. He saved my life and that was enough reassurance I needed. 

Wait, wasn't I with Ace last time? I bolted up quickly and accidently banged my forehead with his since he was so close to me. 

"What- " I was cut off by his large and surprisingly soft hand on my mouth.

"Shh" he said keeping a finger on his lips indicating me to stay quiet. What was he doing here? How did he find me? Does this mean that Dan found me? 
My head was spinning faster with every passing second.

"We need to go. Dan will find you."

" B-but- where? I don’t know what will happen" I said quietly only now noticing that Macy was next to me sleeping in  sitting position. I could never know how she could sleep anywhere, anytime and in any position. Guess some things never change.

" Nothing is going to happen. I won’t let anything happen to you" He said firmly.

Why did this guy even care? How much time has this guy spent with me to even think of risking his life for me? We just talked for five minutes.. I don’t even think it was talking, it was him telling me what to do. My mind was reelingfast to find reasons. It came up with none.

"Why?" I asked softly.

He ran a hand through his hair looking agitated. "Look we don't really have time right now. We have to move now." He grasped my upper arm and boy, it hurt, his grip was tight. I flinched, noticing this, his grip loosened but I did not move. Was it even safe? Could I trust him?

"Please" his eyes silently begging me. He looked cute right n- I was being taken away and hell with me if I was going to think about him looking cute. I sighed, my resolution of not going with him shattering quickly. 

"Okay.." I said hoping that I made the right decision “but give me a minute. I will write her a note" I said tilting my head towards Ace to show him that I was talking about her. I was just leaving when I noticed that Ace had her arms wrapped around herself and as an afterthought put a blanket over her very cold body.

After going downstairs, I noticed that we were leaving through the main door and a thought came to my mind. 
"How did you get inside the house?" And just thinking about that made my slow brain realize "wait how did you even find me?" I asked him, my voice accusing.

He smiled sheepishly " well to answer your first question, you should know that picking locks for me is no big deal". My jaw dropped unceremoniously. " and dear Lily, I slipped your mobile back into your pocket when I was loosening your ropes. I tracked you with the GPS." He said putting his hands on both of my shoulders and pushing me outside. I was just speechless, and let me tell you that there were no sparks when he touched me. None whatsoever. Yes, there were no sparks, okay? And I was specifically not thinking about a mind blowing kiss I had had with him. Nope, I was never ever thinking about that. He was just saving this damsel in distress and this was all.  

* * * *

Shit! Shit! These had been the worst and the best time of my life all at once. Let me tell you why.

I freaking hate motorbikes. I am scared of motorbikes and Jason owned a freaking badass looking motorbike. I literally pissed in my pants when I saw this huge bike. Like it was so freaking big that if we fell down that bike would crush all the bones in my body. 
I was scared but when he told me that we have wasted enough time and Dan's men are searching for me, I quickly closed my eyes and sat on that mean thing. But what made it really good was the fact that it was Jason who was driving it. Not that I want to sound like a fangirl or anything but Jason had pretty good muscles which I was able to see clearly after sitting behind him. After a few minutes of some internal conflict on whether I should or should not wrap my hands around his waist, my fear won and I locked my hands around him. That was just amazing. I could feel his warmth on my and our bodies were flushed against each other. Let me just tell you that I would sit on this mean machine everyday if I could hold him like that.

We stopped outside some woods and Jason asked me for my mobile, I gave it to him without asking anything. It wasn't like I would tell no, that guy was saving me and he must knew what he had to do. He had a plan.

He came out after some 15 minutes and started answering all my unasked questions after turning on the ignition of the bike.

" Look, don't think that I am pressurizing you or anything but you have to understand some things. First, you have been kidnapped, it has something to do with your family but I have not been told what or why, so don't ask me anything about that. Dan is not a good person and he is dangerous so don't ever make a mistake of thinking he is nothing and being all carefree.Second,  you are not safe here in Canada. I will help you get out of this place but it will take time, okay?" He said looking in my eyes as if to see if I am understanding what he is telling. " But as I said that it is not easy as our boss's men are everywhere searching for us, I am taking you to a friend's apartment right now. We will stay there for a week or so and till then some fake passports will be made and you will return back to Melbourne. Thirdly, you might be thinking why I am helping you, that is a answer even I don't know very well but i can see that you are a good person and I dont believe in harming innocent girls. I usually do it man to man but as this is not the case here I am going to be a good person and help you. Oh and you might also be wondering why we came here. I have thrown your mobile in the woods so that they wont be able to trace your mobile like I did."

By the time he finished his long speech, I was scared shit. Well, everything was not as it looked like.
My family was in some kind of danger.
My kidnapper was a psycho who had sounded powerful.
Jason was helping me out of pity.
I was going to immigrate through a fake passport which wasn't legal. But in my defense even kidnapping wasnt legal
And as my mobile was thrown in the woods, I could not find a way to call my parents as I had originally thought. God, they must be so worried.

We again sat on the motorbike but this time was not thinking about my kiss with Jason or his defined muscles. This time I was thinking about my parents, my little sister, Beverly and how I was going to survive if that fu**ing kidnapper did anything to my family. I wouldn't care much if something happened to me but why did that kidnapper have to go so low? If he could kidnap me to hurt my father, he could also kidnap my little Beverly for the same. Oh no! Not that girl.

I didnt notice when my hands became balled into fists but Jason sure did. "What happened?" He asked over the wind.
"Nothing, never mind" I answered back. 

I could feel him shaking his head from behind but he let it slide. I put my head on his back, enjoying this free air for the first time in my life. It helped me clear my head from all those pessimistic thoughts.


I looked around the condo, the living room was large and spacious with cream colored walls and sand colored textured wallpaper, and some wood colored furniture. It was relatively simple, compared to the size of the great apartment. I saw glass sliding doors at the end of the room giving a full view of the city. His friend was loaded with money.The condo was on the 8th floor and it didn’t really make me happy with my arachnophobia, but well he was helping me stay safe from the main kidnapper and I couldn’t really complain. I still couldn’t believe how even thinking about him made tears brim in my eyes and shivers, mind you of fear, run down my spine.

“Come on, Lil” Jason suddenly said touching my shoulder and making me jump. He put his hands up as if showing surrendering.I giggled at his reaction and follow him deeper into the house. He came to a dark purple door and gestured me to open it. I saw the most amazing room. Ever. Was it bad that my mom was one of the best architects and I still found this room better?

Whatever, this room was a combination of purple, black, white and pink. There was a princess bed in the centre of the room which was black and had very soft looking light pink bedsheets. The couches on left and right were black with the pillows being a combination of pink and purple .

There was a wall covered with a dark purple textured wallpaper and two other walls were left just white. There was a purple colored bookshelf over one wall and a huge wardrobe on the other. There was another purple door which I think led to the en suite bathroom.

I let out a gasp seeing this beautiful room. Jason was leaning on the doorframe with his hands crossed over his chest, looking at me. His biceps were bulging right now making him look like the definition of hot.
I smiled widely at him. "This room is so good! I love it!"

"Don't get too attached to this room. We are here for a very short time." He said with a careless smirk. That smirk made him look ten times better. I don't really like arrogant guys but well he could be an exception.

We had just finished eating a delicious pizza* and were sitting in the den watching Transformers: revenge of the fallen. What was with boys and these stupid robots? I mean don't they know that this is fake and there is nothing like autobots and this shit.
I was getting really comfortable with Jason. I was wearing Jason's shirt and boxers right now since my bags were still in the taxi which I had sat in the airport and the driver had been Dan and it turned out Dan's real name was Daniel and he was just a puppet of their main 'boss'. I tried asking Jason about his boss, but he didn't even know his name, so it was useless. It also turned out that Jason was not a serial killer, but just a street fighter who wanted a little money and became involved in all this mess. Poor guy, he wanted a way out too. Though I didn't particularly like the idea of Jason or for that matter anyone streetfighting.

Jason was a really good guy who tried to distract me from worrying about everything as well as he could. He tried being arrogant and cocky but was failing miserably like right now. 

"Have you even seen my muscles, missy?" He lifted his hand and folding it from his elbow so that his biceps bulged.

They actually looked good but I was never telling him that." Muscles? Where? I cant see them! Oh my god.. Where are they?" I said acting like a drama queen. Messing with him was fun.

"Are you blind? You cant see my muscles? " He said advancing towards me.

"No no no" I sang while running around the couch so that he couldn't catch me.

But who was I kidding, he was taller and faster than me. I screamed when his large hands captured me from behind. 
I fell on the couch, with a mixture of laughs and pants after he started tickling me.He was straddling me on my waist and tickling me nonstop. " Haha , no please no" I said between  my ragged breaths. 

He made a thinking face and then suddenly his face lit up and he gave me a dazzling smile. Only now I realized in what position we were. "Say that I am the sexiest man alive and I have mouthwatering muscles" He said victoriously. 

"Nope" I said popping the p to annoy him purposely. 
" uh huh" he said before starting to tickle me again and this time it was really bad. "Okay okay" I said laughing uncontrollably. I felt like I had just run a marathon.

"I am the sexiest man alive and I have mouthwatering muscles" I said in all seriousness. He laughed out loud, his laugh vibrating me because he was still straddling. Thank god he didn't notice me blushing.

"No, you don't have muscles nor you are a man..I think" he said suggestively. I just scoffed." But you still haven't admitted who is the sexiest man alive!" He said before starting to tickle me lightly. I was going to die laughing though it didn't seem a bad idea right now if I died in this handsome guy's arms. 

" Fine, fine!" He raised and eyebrow as if telling me to continue. " Jasonisthesexiestmanaliveandhasmouthwateringmuscles" I said really fast and almost incoherently. 

"What?" He said smirking triumphantly." Say it again" he said positioning his hands on either side of my waist as if to threaten me.

I slowly said "Jason is the sexiest man alive and has mouthwatering muscles."

"I already knew that." He said arrogantly. I pouted. "Get off me, fatty" I yelled in his ear. 

"Nah,I am comfortable"he said smirking. I so wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.

"Really?" I said wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him close. Two could play a game. His breath hitched. I mentally fist pumped. I very slowly pulled myself closer to him keeping the distance between our lips only a few inches. His hand tightened around my waist and another one went around my neck. Oh well, plan backfired but its not like I am not enjoying.

"Really" he said before touching our lips just for a second. He then kissed the end of my lip slowly. God, he was such a tease! I pulled him to me and kissed him furiously. Hi lips curved into a smile against me. He started biting my lower lip asking me for permission to turn the kiss into a French one but I was up for revenge and did not open my mouth. His hand now playing with the hem of my or should I say his shirt went under the shirt sending shocks all over my body due to the contact. I sighed opening my mouth while his tongue explored mine thoroughly. I felt dizzy and he noticed it too.

"Inexperienced"He said with smirk, his forehead not leaving mine. Such a good way to break a moment. Please note the sarcasm. 
Sighing, I stood up from the couch not giving him a response. He stopped me by catching my wrist and turning me to face him. His eyes showed hurt clearly." Whats wrong, sweetheart? " 
" Nothing" I mumbled in a whisper not looking in his eyes.
His grip on my wrist tightened. "What the hell is wrong?" He almost yelled " do you regret it?" No, I would never ever regret it. I looked up in his eyes scared of his yelling. "It hurts" I said slowly. His hand immediately left mine. My hand felt cold. "Sorry" was the last thing he said before going to his room, which was opposite mine and banging the door.

Not knowing what to do, I went inside my room and just lay there till sleep overtook me. 


I went to his room the next morning without any particular plan and knock at his door. No answer came and I pushed open the door to find him lying on the bed, looking like Aphrodite's male counterpart with only his boxers on. 

"Hey" I mentally face palmed myself at my genius way of starting a conversation. He didn't even glance in my direction.

I went and sat at the corner of his bed since he was replying. I then did the worst thing possible. I started rambling. " I am sorry. I mean, I am not sorry for making out with you there just that I hurt you. I don't regret the kiss and I stopped just because you went too far. No wait, you didnt go too far it was just me. I am not usually like this, you know kissing random guys..No you are not even a random guy, just that I dont kiss anyone other than my boyfriend and I just got out of a relationship so I dont even know how I went this far. You understand, right? Like please lets talk like mature people about we are going to do. Yeah?" Playing with my fingers in my lap since I was deathly nervous. 

He suddenly started laughing. Well at least he wasnt angry anymore. Relieved, I narrowed my eyes playfully at him. 
" You are so cute!" He said still laughing. 
" Drama queen" I retorted back. 
" Says the girl who played the queen in that Rapunzel play" shit! I told him that? I was going to have to learn to keep my mouth shut. 
" Whatever" was all I could come up with and could still feel the heat on my cheeks.

I stood up. "I am going to the kitchen and I left the cereal box on the counter."
" yes ma'am" he saluted mockingly.
As an afterthought I added" I need more pair of your clothes and where am I going to get some undergarments?" The last word coming out in a whisper. 

He looked embarrassed too." I dont know.." He said scratching the back of his head." But I will try talking to my friend about that." 

" okie dokie" I replied before going to get a refreshing shower, which was a change from the on-the-verge-of-breaking hostel showers.

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