Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


7. 7.

X Pov

"How is my little sweetheart?" I asked him.

"She’s okay. She trusts me and i wont let her out of my sight. Don’t you worry “he said slowly and hesitantly.

"I want to hear her voice " I said.

I heard some shuffling on the other side and then i heard him call her to talk to her. 

"A call for me?" i heard her soft voice talking to him on the other side.

"Yes?"she asked sounding freaked out.

"ma’am what pizza would you like?" I asked in a professional tone. She couldn’t know what was happening with her.

She laughed aloud. She sounded almost hysterical.

"did you know that u scared me to death? You meanie?

"she told to my man with her. How much did she know how close to death she was.

"ma’am?" I asked catching her attention again.

" A large pepperoni please" she said happily a hint of laughter still there.

How I missed this soft melodious voice..and her laughter it just made me imagine her in my arms but I knew I couldn't get her for myself. There were too many things I had to clear before I actually had her and then finished her just as he-

"Sure ma’am. It is on its way to you"

I told back curtly my thoughts now really bloody..bloody with her blood.

"Boss? What now? " that ass asked me"

"order a real pepperoni pizza u dumbass" I barked before cutting off the line.


Macy's POV

"Please?"I pleaded Patrick, my manager asking him about leaving for a few days. I was almost positive that he wouldn't allow me because of how I had been on leave for two days and hadn't even informed him. He should have fired me but for some strange reason he hadn’t.

"Fine, just 3 days though" he sighed finally giving in after my five hours of pleading. Okay fine i was exaggerating but fifteen minutes was still a long time

After cutting the line i called Ray so that we could head out. Isn't he a really good guy even if he can be aggravating sometimes? He was coming with me for my so-called mission to find Lily. Call me mad but I just knew something was wrong. It just felt wrong in the gut.

Lily left me. She was the one who started the whole fight but I still cared. I felt clingy and stupid and also felt responsible and angry at the same time.

"Did go to grandma to ask if she was fine giving mom food till we were gone?" I asked Ray when he entered the room while playing with motorbike keys.

Grandma was our landlady. She lived under our floor and was the nearest thing I now had to family. Though she wasnt family by blood she was always there for me, taking care of me and giving us food sometimes. She was a really loving and caring widow.

"Yes m’lady" he said in the worst British accent possible. How that guy be so happy when I was so gloomy all the time I had no idea.


I loved the way wind whipped my hair away from face when I was on the mean baby. I had always loved this rush feeling which creeps into you when you are feeling the cold wind against your cheeks and you feel the whole world passing by in a blur

I had always been a fan of bikes since childhood, you call it the influence of an older brother I even learnt how to ride it and it just added a but too my bad day in my 'bad girl' image at the school. Lily had freaked out when I had asked her to come with me for a drive just after learning it in my junior year. She still hasn't sat on the bike.

Ray wasn't letting me ride today maybe sitting behind his little sister was going to hurt his so called man ego.

I always felt freedom when I was sitting on a motorbike. Not today. Today I felt sad and constricted with my head covered with a black helmet.

My old town, Pearl Tree, which I had  no idea how it got that name, was about 7 towns away from the town I was currently living in. So it was just about an hour and half from my place.


I saw all the familiar roads, shops and trees around me. The memories coming back to me faster than I would have liked. I knew the way around here like the back of my hand so did Ray.

He pulled the bike at Lily's house. It was a cream colored house that was neither too big nor too small. There were potted plants along the balcony on the first floor and glass sliding doors behind them.

I rang the bell but found myself facing a middle aged woman with titanium hair. She told me that they sold this house before two years and also gave me the new address of the Sanders'.

After thanking her we went to their new house or should I say mansion?  We stood outside a huge mansion of at least three floors which looked like it was straight from Beverly hills. We told the security that we were their family- which was a lie but I don’t  think they would ever allow us inside- and they let us inside. The gates were large, black and shiny,  opening into a curved pathway to the porch which was made up of white marble by the way. Since when did they become so rich?
I didn't need to ring the doorbell as the security had already done something to notify them of the coming of their 'relatives'.

The door opened and I saw a woman with striking strawberry blonde  hair and a navy blue skirt and blazer with a white shirt under with her charcoal dark eyes. She looked classy and beautiful but the only wrong thing was the tear streaks on her cheeks and the sobbing sounds which she was making.

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