Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


5. 5.


Macy's pov            


I sit here looking at a beautiful girl, a girl beautiful inside and out, although she was definitely not looking pretty right now with her brown locks all tangled and messy and a large bump on her head. She also had handprints on her cheek which had been red all these 3 hours since she came here. she had a large gash on her forehead though it wasn’t very deep. Her legs were swollen and her  green tee-shirt had become a mixture of brown, black and the original color. I also noticed the dark bags under her eyes and her cracked lips. She had circular marks around her wrists and legs.It looked like she was sleeping but she had actually fainted on my doorstep. Of all people my doorstep. Fate.

Before falling on the ground she had said ace,one word that could bring back all the bittersweet memories of childhood. I still remember the day when I had first met her. It was my first day of school in grade two. I had been the new girl who everybody whispered about but did not talk to. She had been my bench mate in my first class. We had grown together over years. I still remember our first fight. She had eaten my gummy bears without asking me. And mind me they are my favorite and I don’t share. I remember when all those sleepovers and gossiping about the It girls and boys. Those days we would tease Ray..I wish we could go back to all that we shared  all those times, all those secrets now it was just  grudges..How I wish.

I heard the click of the handle of the door and footsteps followed.

“Did you do everything I asked you to do?”my older brother asked me sitting on the bed by my side.

“yes,ray”I said irritated. It was the third time that he had asked me that. I couldn’t help but notice that he was almost as worried as me. He must have had a huge crush on her but this was surely not the time to discuss that. He had carried her to my room after she had fainted. I still double checked the first aid I had done.

Disinfectant on her wounds.


Bandage on her forehead.


Antibiotic cream on her wrists and her knee which looked badly bruised.


I hope I had done everything right.

“Why aren’t we waking her up? Can I bring water?”I asked him even though I knew the answer,just trying to break the silence

“No, just let her sleep tonight. She needs a night of rest after whatever happened “he said in a low tone stating the obvious.

Yes, that had been the question in my mind. What happened? How did she get here? Why was she in such a bad state? So many questions none answered.

The silence between us was deafening now but neither of us broke it. We just sat there.

After almost half an hour Ray suddenly stood up. I raised an eyebrow asking him a silent question.

“need fresh air” he whispered as if he was afraid that lily would wake up. “you should go to sleep you know” he added before slipping out of the door.

Of course he was right.I needed to sleep but could I sleep? I hoped so..

After changing into my pjs I got into Ray’s bed as Lil was in mine and did I mention that my brother had still not finished his so called getting air.

I just lay there thinking what our conversation should have been

“Bye dear I will miss you”I was supposed to say at the airport hugging the life out of my bestfriend.

“I will comeback to meet you.Every summer.I promise”she was supposed to say. Then she would take her bags,cry some more and go to Australia to study. That was what I had expected to happen before a few days of her going away but things never turned out that way.we fought a few days before she was going to leave.we were both devastated with what was happening but she had to leave for her studies. I never got a chance to explain myself.tell her that it wasn’t our fault.tell her that we could make it together but me being the coward I am ran away from the town leaving everything behind.every single memory and every single person. Even her.

I moved here with my older brother and mom, just to leave the town so that I couldn’t get all those stares.

But today she is back. Back in my life. to kill whatever is left of me again.i don’t think I could think of her as a best friend again. We had both changed, maybe for better. I couldn’t be the same carefree person again even though I try being as pleasant and chirpy as possible.

I tried sleeping but none came and so did Ray.

At five in the morning I switched off my preset alarm so that it wouldn’t ring again at 7.I did my usual and changed into new sweats and a tank top pilling my hair in a ponytail. I am telling you a shower felt like the best thing in the world today.

I went to check in Lily and saw that she was in the same position I left her.

I sat there for about half an hour waiting till it was 6 before bringing a glass of water and sprinkling a few drops of water on her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes groaning after feeling the cold water touch her bruised skin. She slowly started getting up but fell back on the bed after putting her elbow on her side. She again started helping herself up after supporting herself with both her hands. She looked as if she was in a lot of pain by the way she pursued her lips trying not to make those painful sounds that threatened coming out of her mouth.same old lily trying to hide her pain.I thought to myself.No,she isn’t the same old girl now.she changed.said my more rational part.I sighed but helped her get in a sitting position and set her pillow more comfortably.

She hadn’t spoken a word till now.her expression betrayed no emotion.

“good morning”I told her giving a small smile.what the hell am I supposed to say?I just don’t know.she tries greeting me back but her voice comes out a very hoarse.I hand her a glass of water standing by the bedside.on second thoughts I stand up and give her a painkiller too.she smiles at me gratefully before silently taking the pill.This girl sitting right in front of me was supposed to be the person who knew me the best but she felt so much like a stranger that couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

I asked her if she was hungry and she said yes.I went down to make a couple of pancakes since I wasn’t could I be after all that was happening.I was flipping them when she called out “ace, could you bring me a change of clothes too?”almost yelling.I shouted back her a yes but couldn’t help but be surprised that she was still calling me ace.

After taking her breakfast and change of clothes with me I asked her if she could walk she gave me a duh look and just to prove her point kept her legs on the floor.she hoisted herself up slowly.I took a step towards her and my hand just in case.she hissed loudly when she took her first step and placed he hand on my shoulder for support.guess I was right.i helped her to the common bathroom and helped her by standing there and supporting and helping her.none of us said a word the whole was like an unspoken decision between us.

But I was getting curious by every passing minute as to what happened to lets just say curiosity killed the cat.

After helping her back into her bed,technically my bed,I asked her very cautiously and almost politely “what happened?”

It was as if I had turned on some switch,she started crying on my shoulder she was literally sobbing.I was so shocked,but I rubbed her back but I think it was the worst thing I could do.she groaned and cursed in pain and I abruptly stopped rubbing it.Right,she must be hurt on her did I forget such a thing?Lily again started sobbing on me and this time I went with telling her soothing words like ‘its going to be okay’ and ‘I am right here’.I had never seen her so scared before.after a few minutes her tears dried up but she moved her face from the crook of my neck to look at me looking like she was dying inside.i never want to see that look again.not even on the face of my enemy. “he will come back”she said so silently that I almost didn’t hear it. “what?” I was confused who was coming back? And why would he come back?what was she talking about?there were a million questions in my mind right now.

“he will come back for me”she said a little louder. “he will kill me.he told me he will”after saying that she broke into fresh round of tears.

After almost half an hour later her sobbing and hiccupping stopped but she was already asleep on my shoulder by then.

After laying her on my bed comfortably,I sat beside her thinking of what could have happened to her.i saw her snuggle closer near me and felt myself smile thinking that she still trusted me.

And what happened to her will still remain a mystery but I am definitely not waking her up again.



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