Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


4. 4.


Lily's pov


I had been interrogated nonstop by my kidnapper Dan the whole day-actually it was the whole night.He asked me my address,my parents information and stuff like that which I had not given answers to.Dan the other guy who coincidentally had driven me here turned out to be even more dangerous than the first one whose name I didnt know.the guy had asked me questions coldly but without hurting me but when I din't answer properly he had called dan.

At first I didn't budge and just told them that I was an orphan and didn't have money.They knew better.They must have known everything about me.As I was telling, Dan was very rough and I had to take blows from him which hurt.A lot.he pulled my hair and kicked me when I told him that he was an asshole but it was totally worth the kick when i saw his expression.He looked so pissed.But the other guy who didn't hurt me even though he perfectly fit in the position of a kidnapper.He just sat there staring at me and sometimes held back Dan when he went a bit wild by my sarcastic remarks.If he wanted to do something to me or my family he wasn't going to get to me easily.

The sun had just come up and I felt relieved that I had made it with just a few bruises and tattered jeans as dan had dragged me around. I must have looked real bad as when the other guy whose name I still didn't know came in winced.It was still dark even though the sun was shining.He came in with caution and raised his hands up as if to tell he surrendered. I scoffed which came out pretty weak but I wasn't letting him see me as some weak  girl who couldn't say anything for herself.

"You know,You are one of the most sarcastic chicks I have ever seen."he said with a,I was beaten for some hours and that was alll he could come up with?

He was my kidnapper but I have to tell you he was so hot.He was wearing a simple black tee shirt which clung to his body and showed off his abs.His grey eyes twinkled with amusement,his set jaw and soft looking lips were a great turn on.turn on? oh god,this was just the hormones kicking in.I could not let anything like that distract me .I had to escape from this people.

His expression flickered a bit but then he put on his smirk back."see something you like"he said motioning towards his body.

holy crap!he just saw me checking him out.I looked away for a second but then thought better and looked straight into his eyes"me? nah,I dont want to go blind"I retorted back

He took a few steps forward and I involuntarily flinched back.

"you know if we didn't have orders I would have asked you out" he told positionong himself half sitting so his body was just a few inches from mine.

To say I was scared would be the understatement of my life but something in me trusted him,trusted that cockines but also the warmth his eyes had,they were nothing like Dan's whose were dead cold.

He slowly kept his hands on my shoulders without breaking eye contact.I was mesmerized in those blue ocean like eyes.I also noticed that they had black specks around the sides.just as his hands touched my shoulders i felt safe but thinking better I tried to wiggle out of his grip.he was strong.He slowly brought his mouth near my ear and whispered

" See I am going to loosen your ropes but do not touch them now,Dan may come to check you I will knock on the door two times when he goes out to bring dinner tonight not before that.It means a clear coast.There is another window on that corner behind you"he pointed his finger behind me"It goes in the corridor of the house you will have to break it with the chair here.Run for your life after that and dont look back."he instructed me.Our proximity sent shivers down my spine.I turned to look at him

"why are you doing this?"I asked.

He just smiled weakly and leaned in.He was going to kiss me?? no!

our lips touched and he slowly kissed me as if savoring me.I dont know what came over me-was it his soft lips or the tenderness in the kiss?-but I kissed him back.

The kiss got over just as i had started kissing him.

He looked into my eyes with such care that my heart started thumping as is it wasnt racing fast before.

"what is your name?"I asked him.I felt like an idiot what a great thing to ask after kissing a guy!

His thoughts must have been mirroring mine as he gave a amused smile"Jason"

He pulled himself away from me and started loosening my  ropes.I just stared at the boy who had kidnapped me,kissed me and who was currently  helping me run from them.

The kiss kept replaying in my head-I had felt something.



Jason was right.Dan came to check on me.Twice.I think I got a bit used that whenever I see him I get bad news.He would come and see me and then curse me and my family and give me some blows which hurt.But I was paying so much attention to not ripping the ropes off my hands and legs that I didn't feel much.

* * * *

I was half asleep when I heard two taps on the door.I jolted awake and started removing the loose ropes and running on the dusty floor,my footsteps did not echo as the that idiot had preplanned it and the room was soundproof.It was weird standing and running after sitting two days straight.

I saw that the window was at the same height as the one I saw before.It was going to be very difficult to reach the other way.I opened the window standing on my toes.I heard Jason call something from the other side.I grabbed the window sill and pulled myself up.well not technically because I tried it some 15 times before i got one foot on the edge.I then sat on the window with great effort.When I looked down I saw that my feet were dangling in the air and I was pretty high.I also noticed Jason standing under me.Did I mention I have acrophobia(hear of heights). I felt so sick that I might have had puked on Jason.

He must have noticed my scared expression."dont worry I will catch you"he said with a tone of urgency.

I hoped so too.I closed my eyes and jumped for my life.I may have been exaggerating as it was only 6 feet but it felt ages till strong hands wrapped around my waist before my feet touched the ground.

I meekly opened one eye to see Jason.I straightened myself opening both my eyes and twisted out of his grasp all this time he was staring at me amused.I stared up at him and as if he remembered something his expression hardened.

"Go down the passage and you will find a kitchen there is a backdoor there which opens to a alley an then just run."he said in a dead tone."dont turn back"he added

I started running but stopped.Turning to him I said "thank you"softly and started running but not before seeing him return me a sweet smile.

I then heard some noise behind me but didn't turn back just as he told.I kept on running down the corridor tillI  came to a dead end.I looked to my right and saw room which looked like a kitchen because it had a counter and a stove.It resembled nothing else with an ordinary kitchen.I walked inside and remembering i had to run I dashed for the door quickly.I stepped out into the open and the warm almost humid air hit me.I made a run on the right side and kept on running in the dark lane.

I felt tired after just five minutes of running.I promised myself I would start working out.

After 10 minutes of running my legs felt like lead i might collapse from exhaustion but i kept on turning at the corners i thought were safe.It was past midnight and there were no cars or people around except the drunk guy I passed.

It had been 30 minutes since I had started running but I could not not stop myself from running.I felt like Dan might appear from thin air and beat me.Now that I knew that Jason wont be there to protect me from him I felt so unsafe.

* *

I was running more like jogging on a road for more than an hour but now I was walking feeling safe in this dirty dark street.I looked around but all the houses were dark.I was just thinking of turning around a block when I saw a dim light.I walked towards the small house and knocked on the door as I saw a girl on the second floor sitting by the window reading a book.

I was didnt know I was so tired but as I stopped walking my legs started feeling wobbly, my eyes started drooping but just as I was going to pass out the girl opened the door.She looked just like her.Like Macy.

"ace?"I asked using her age old nickname before falling on the ground

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