Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


3. 3.





That's when i saw car was a familiar was his car.


Lily POV

8 hours later

I opened my eyes and had to squint them to adjust myself to the dark surroundings.I looked around to see where I was.It was a large room with a dim light in the farthest corner of the room.I saw a window about 5 metres high and also a wooden chair. I tried to move but saw that my hands were tied at the back with a very tight rope and my legs too were tied.I was sprawled across the floor and I tried to sit up.My body was aching and my hair was a mess my flicks coming on my face and my head hurt.After sitting up I realized that the wall was far and I couldn't sit for a long while.

I looked out of the window and saw the moon shining in its glory. I was confused how much time had it been since he knocked me out?

I sat remembering..

He had come out of the car and knocked at my window.I was scared.I locked all the doors thinking how foolish I had been to not think of him as a could I be such a idiot?he could have thought of doing anything to me.I should have called my parents."open the door"he shouted and I came back from my thoughts.He was banging the windows with his fists balled.He looked pissed off.

Then I noticed that my driver was coming but he had a devilish grin on his face.When he saw the driver he looked happy.He went to him and told him something in his ear.the driver gave him the keys and the stalker dude opened the front door"come on sweetheart,why are you making me making me wait so much?"his cold voice sent shivers down my spine.he slowly moved his hand forward and I moved as much away from him as I could in that small car.just as my back touched the farthest door It opened.I had fallen on my back and hit my head hard.

Everything after that was a mess in my head.I had seen the stalker dude or should I say kidnapper dude looking worried and then carrying me to the car.he kept mumbling some incoherent sentences.

I must have blacked out after falling.I sat there staring at the moon thinking nothing and seeing it going up a little bit from the window after every few minutes.

It felt like hours of staring that I heard the creaking of door and light coming from it.I looked up to who it was and saw silhouettes of two men.I sat there frozen as thoughts of what they might do swirled around my head.time seemed to slow down as they came walking in confidently. The first guy,the stalker/kidnapper dude came in front of me and stood towering over me.He looked back and said"Dan,leave us alone.I have some work to do with her".

he took the chair and sat there intimidatingly."What is your name?"he asked me coldly

Not wanting to show him how scared I was I raised my voice and boldly answered"what is it to you?"


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