Best friends forever?

This story revolves around two friends who had promised each other to always stay together but circumstances broke them apart.what happens when Lily is kidnapped and after running away she finds herself at the door of her long lost best friend,Macy.Also when Lily falls in love the consequences are grave.Is macy ready to face her past?


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heyy am back!!and here is the second chapter of 'best friends forever??'and all the fun will start after the 4th chapter.[Please bear my grammatical mistakes]:D




lily POV



I was tired. no scratch that I was exhausted.


I had not had wink of sleep on the flight.yeah,i had travelled for 20 hours with an annoying pest of a child and an old gruff man who was one horny old man.


I was traumatized by the fact that a guy,who may I mention was hot with steely grey eyes,muscular body,caramel coloured hair and had a very dangerous aura around him had been following me straight from Australia to Canada.I hadn't had a drop of water since i had noticed him following me from all the way from my college to my hostel and then on this very miserable flight.I still couldn't understand how he actually could get on such a long flight without having a ticket preplanned and thinking of it how did he get a ticket?He must have known my schedule,he must have been following me from a lot of time..maybe..maybe not..I should have told my roommate,Charlotte about him when i went to hostel to pick my bags.


by the way,it was winter break and so i could go to my hometown as it was spring there,my favourite time of the year!! I was so excited! The thought of my town,my friends brought a smile to my face but-no i was not ruinig my mood because of her..I felt a gaze on my back and looked back to find him staring at me directly,his smirked when he saw me turn towards him.I quickly looked away,just meeting his eyes for a split second.I was not going to let him see how scared i was of him.I wil fight him.I  noticed that i was breathing heavily and i tried calming myself and then closed my eyes shut and let out an air if at least i could think that i was somewhere where he was not there.


he might me a kidnapper.the voice in the back of my mind said.


I didn't know but that thought just scared the shit out of me.he could be,or which stalker would have paid so much money to stalk a girl,right?


He could be a murderer.


I officially hate my mind now.Did say I hate myself?I am so weird or did i just get mad because of being scared?what if he kidnapped me or kill me?

oh the irony so much for hating that voice in my head.I had just been thinking of staying strong and here i was being a pessimist.But what if he was actually one?NO, I would think of it afterwards.I was absolutely fine,and he hadn't made a move other than his smirks,smiles and glares.


Just then I heard an announcement"please pit on your seatbelts we will be arriving at toronto international airport shortly"


I waited to get down to the airport.


After clearing the customs check and still being followed by Mr Kidnapper, I made a rush outside.

I looked around to find my parents.or maybe just one of them was coming? i dint know.after standing for about 15 mins awkwardly i took my phone out and saw a message.


sweetie i am sorry we wont be able to pick u up.busy with you

I was so bummed.I looked around and sighed relieved that he wasnt around.

Finding a taxi quickly I slid in.

the driver was a blonde haired guy maybe un his late twenties.I told him my old house's address I took a sigh of relief after rechecking again for any signs of him.Relieved that I was safe I looked around at my city,my place,I always had been attached to my town which is two hour drive from the airport.


I looked around and saw that the further we were going from the city the more greener it was becoming.I had always loved nature and the fresh air made me very happy.


I then thought of calling my parents who I had just forgotten,but I was angry with them,they were so busy that they had told me they were not coming.They were busy people though,My mom was an architect and my dad an accountant.I also thought of my sister who unlike me was beautiful.she had blue eyes and blonde hair just what every girl would wish for.I on the other hand was a bit too skinny,and had the same blue eyes with dark brown hair.they looked really bad together.I felt so happy to be back and meeting everyone back except-whatever i was NOT thinking about a certain bitch.

I plugged in my earphones looking out of the window.Music always made me feel better.


The driver then took a turn in one of the small streets from the freeway.I was pretty surprised seeing that no such roads were supposed to be taken on my way home.I asked him if there was some problem and he said that he wanted to use the loo.I quickly washed away the concerns from my head and sat back.He stopped on a very lonely street and politely asked me to wait in the car.I was frightened to put it mildly.

 Thats when i saw car was a familiar car. his car.


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