Alicia loves K-POP and her friends loves be Direction. When they finally going to Korea the plan and the plans are ruined. One Direction, Boyfriend and SHINee on a Island in the middle of nowhere with thre girls. 3 bands 3 girls


2. Crash maybe?


Harry Styles answered my tweet. OMG. That's totally awesome. I just stare at my phone and we have to go in at the airport. Timone takes my phone and I can't do anything about it I'm paralyze. She and Caroline starts scream. Have they see.

"Oh my god Harry Style how?" Timone screams.

"I-I don't know." I say.

"This is awesome and he is going to South Korea." Says Caroline.

I take a deep breath. Then I look at a random taxi. Harry Styles? It can't be him.

"Come now we have to go and check in." I say and drag them in.

"Why?" Caroline asking.

"Oh so you don't want to meet Harry Styles." I say.

"Of course!" Timone answer.

I look at sky from the planes window. Finally I can have a little bit peace. I take me earphones and put them in my ear. I start play stop it by boyfriend.

 "Alicia!" Says Carro.

"Yes!" I answer and stop the music.

"What song do you listen on?" She asks.

"Stop it!" I say.

"What have I do wrong!" She says and look a little bit hurt.

"Sorry I meant Good Night." 

"What this is not funny. what are you listen on?"

"The song is called Good night." 


I slap her face. That's a joke we have. I wish I had a pillow. I like to hurt her with a pillow.

"Can we listen to Be my Shine?" She's asking me.

"Okay come here!" I say and put on earphone in her ear.

Be my shine is playing then I change to Dance Dance Dance. I start day dream about a my wending with Minwoo. I smile.

"Hyun do you think there is Best Friends on this plane?" I hear a voice say.

"Let's go and take a look." Anther voice Says.

Two very handsome Korean guys comes to use. Wait OMG its Donghyun and Jeongmin. Don't fangirling. DON'T.

"Hi we where wondering if you like Kpop?" Donghyun asks.

"Yes!" I say at the same time I nod.

"So you know who I am?" Jeongmin asks curios.

"Yes!" I say and smile to him.

"So who is your bias?" He asks more curios.

"Minwoo oppa!" I say and he gets a fake sad face. 

Donghyun starts laughing at the same time Minwoo comes.

"Annyeong!" He says and give me a smile and a adorable one.

"Annyeong!" I answer and they give me choked looks.

"Mueos?" I ask them and they look more chocked.

"You can speak Korean?" Donghyun asks.

" A little bit!" I answer.

"Please take your seats!" A voice says.

They leave and I close my eyes. I hear screams. But I'm not afraid. I know we not going to die.

I wake up and the first I see I One Direction laying on the beach...

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