The Passing

Melody Meyers wakes up in an enclosed room. This is the journey she takes learning how she got there, and moving on to where she needed to go...


1. The Awakening

The blinding lights were like a stadiums. They blinded me momentarily before my vision returned in an almost artistic-blur of grey and white. A scorching burn seemed to envelope my throat as I breathed in the musty, stale air that seemed to encase me as I closed my eyes once more, flashes of brightness stinging them even from beneath my closed eyelids. Licking my lips, I slowly allowed my eyes to reopen to the brightness, and I sat up before looking around... Grey. Everywhere. The walls seemed to be made of historic stone, the floor what looked to be cement, as seemed the ceiling as I looked upwards. Looking down at my body, I took note of the white dress I wore. Writing it off as unfamiliar, something in my the back of my mind seemed to be telling me otherwise.

"What the..." the words left my mouth in a hoarse whisper, as I slipped off what seemed to be some kind of shrine. The back of the dress slipped open and I recognized exactly what it was, even before I saw the bare flesh of my behind.

"Oh my..." I cursed, before reaching behind to tie up the ribbons of the hospital dress I was in.

Looking around, I looked at the stone walls. With the only lights being the fluorescent bulbs being above the shine-like stone in the center of this god-forsaken room. It was dark, gritty, and so...

"Unhygienic." the word caused me to jump out of my skin. I spun around searching for the voice, but silence and the surrounding nothingness met me like the slam of a sledge hammer. I was alone. Glancing around, my eyes took in the walls once more, the edges where they met the equally grey, concrete floor before I realized something... There were no doors.

"You're trapped." I jumped, nearly collapsing. My hands smacked against the shrine, as I looked around once more. Silence. Nothingness.

"They must have drugged me or something..." I murmured to myself, only half the words decipherable due to my roughened voice. It was accurate to say at that moment, I had the voice of a sixty year old man.

My eyes slowly surveyed the surrounding space of the room. It was small. Probably only twelve-by-twelve. I took note of some sort of shrine, lights and... Nothing. Panic spread through me like a fire taking to dry bushland. I was trapped. The voice had been right. Silently praying I wasn't going crazy, I forced myself upright and stumbled to the walls, my hands slamming on their rough surface as I knelt my forehead against it.

"Don't give up now..." I told myself. The words coming out slightly clearer than before, but nothing as miraculous as my usual voice would sound at that very moment. My fingers spread searchingly upon the wall, and hands splayed I began to run them through the rises and falls, the cracks and the holes in the wall. I knew something was terribly wrong. But if I had anything to go by, I knew my first chance of figuring what the hell was going on was to do one thing... Escape.

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