The Passing

Melody Meyers wakes up in an enclosed room. This is the journey she takes learning how she got there, and moving on to where she needed to go...


3. Passing On

A hand reached for mine, and taking it I felt the pressuring weight of failure, grief and sadness being lifted from my being. Looking down, I was no longer in that stupid hospital dress but in some kind of gown. I hadn't noticed the change in scenery, until I looked around me. Fields of grass, flowers scattered throughout the infinite fields and valleys for as long as I could see...

"Where am I?" I asked, barely fazed that my voice was now back to normal.

"Welcome to the afterlife," a voice said, turning around my eyes met those of a man with the kindest, most sincere smile I'd ever seen.

"Melody Meyers." he said, causing me to blush slightly. Wait! Blush!? I mentally kicked myself for being such an idiot, this was the after life - I couldn't act like my teenage self anymore. He lifted a hand, to try and cover a chuckle which caused my face to turn beet red.

"Yes. I'm Melody.' I replied, my voice an embarrassed mumble as his hand lowered to reveal an amused yet kind smile.

"My name is Leo, and I will be your guardian here." he said, motioning to our surroundings. Taking another look, I found myself awestruck by it's beauty. Willow trees, birds and other animals roamed freely around, other people in white both greeting and feeding them so gracefully it seemed as though they were made of air.

"And where is here, exactly?" I asked Leo, turning to face him. He smiled before moving out of the way to bring his hand up revealing a giant castle, so magnificent yet so pure-looking that it made me feel slightly inferior to it.

"This is heaven," he said, coming forward to offer his hand,

"You passed the test."

- decades later -

"I heard your mums finally making her way up." Pietra beamed. I smiled, taking in the sight of her gorgeous, long, red hair as she lifted one of the lambs by her feet to feed him.

"Well it has been a while down there..." I mused, glancing out at the other animals to see Leo and Pietra's partner Dominic riding towards us on horses. Standing up from beside one of the new born lambs, I smile as they slid from the bareback horses who then wondered away. A feeling of love and comfort enveloped me as Leo slid his arms around me in a gentle hug.

"Want to go meet her there?" Leo asked, stepping back. I nodded a small, content smile spreading across my lips. Turning I waved a goodbye to Pietra and Dominic who stood side by side, and waved a farewell also. Walking down the fields, I looked down to marvel at the feeling of the grass beneath my feet.

"You always find the most simple of things so marvelous." Leo smiled down at me, as I turned up to look at him. I smiled back,

"Yeah..." I said, before spotting her. She stood in her long, white dress, hair greyer than before I watched as she turned her eyes seeming to call me as shock crossed her face.

"Mum!" I called out, laughing as I ran towards her. The happiness that encased me, caused my smile to spread even when I noticed the lines of worry and sadness on her face, I couldn't help but feel her love as she smiled the lines disappearing as I threw my arms around her and embraced her laughing as we were swept up into the air. She gasped, leaning back as she clasped my face, eyes wide with tears and happiness.

"Melody!?" she asked in disbelief, eyes shining with unshed tears. I nodded gently, smiling as she burst into tears. We slowly descended back towards the ground.

"Where are we? Where is this?" she asked. I turned to face her guardian, Raphael. Nodding, I went to stand beside him.

"Selina Meyers," he said. I watched as she blushed, just as I had. Laughing gently, I felt Raphael shake beside me containing a chuckle.

"I am Raphael, and I will be your guardian here." he informed her. She looked around her, and I felt those feelings I had when I'd arrived come from her. Curiosity, wonder and love caused her soul to shine like a beacon as she turned to face us once more, her expression purely awestruck.

"This is heaven," he said, stepping forward to offer his hand.

"You passed the test."

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