The Passing

Melody Meyers wakes up in an enclosed room. This is the journey she takes learning how she got there, and moving on to where she needed to go...


2. Lost Memories

It could have been seconds, minutes, hours... It could have been an eternity for all I knew, when I finally gave up my search for a way out. Collapsing against the cold, concrete floor I leaned back against the wall, and looked up at the ceiling. The failed attempt at escaping, was a weight against my mind. It wasn't, however, as pressuring as the feeling that I knew how I'd gotten there. Searching my memories of the last moments of my memory, I found hot, scalding tears sliding down my face as I remembered the faces of my mum, dad and little sister. Grief struck me so hard, I found myself hunching forward to grasp my knees as chest-heaving sobs escaped me, sobs so dry that my lungs ached to breath, sobs so hard that they shook my whole skeletal frame as my long, hair fell over my shoulders. The tears had even stopped for a moment, but that didn't mean I wasn't crying. I cried for them. My family. I had never, once expected throughout my whole life, that love, compassion and good memories could cause me so much hurt, pain and sadness.

Forcing myself to sit straight, I leaned back once more. Legs splayed on either side as I tried to regain focus.

"You can do this Melody..." I found myself murmuring my mothers own words of assurance and comfort, as tears slowly began their fall once more. Fighting to remember anything as to how I got here, I realized I didn't even remember how I got up that morning. Nor did I remember what I ate for breakfast, what day it was, if I went to school or not, who was with me during the last hours that I could have remembered those things so easily.

"Don't you remember Melody?" the voice asked me. I wasn't shocked this time, nor was I frightened as the tears continued down my face. I didn't need to remember what happened to know something terrible had happened to me. Nothing else could explain how I'd gotten here.

"Don't you remember the car crash Melody?" the voice asked, causing the memory to surge in my mind and light up like a beacon in the foreground of my mind. A scream of terror, and sadness escaped me in a wail, before I threw my hands up to grasp the roots of my hair, my eyes shutting as I tried to forget it all over again.

"Your mother tried to save you, Melody. She loved you so very much..." the voice continued. I could smell it. The burning rubber, the fire, the petrol on the road...


The upside-down car was before my eyes when I reopened them. The burning semi-trailer only meters away from the my own car. I was in the front passenger seat. Stuck.

"Mum! Mum!" I found myself calling in panic, as I struggled to unbuckle my seat belt. Panic flooded through my body, as the blood rushed to my head.

"Melody! Melody!" my mothers screams caused me to cry out as I fought back tears. The buckle wouldn't come undone. I could hear metal being wrenched, and looked to my left to see my mother's blood splattered face, her green eyes shone out from the darkness as she wrenched off the rest of the door. Leaning beside me, she reached out hands trying to find a way to get me out. Darkness filled my eyes, and they slid shut as I breathed in the fumes of petrol from the semi-trailer before us. I had seen the movies. It was going to blow us all up.

"You need to go mum." I told her, reaching to gently touch her hand as she fought to remain calm. Her hands frantically ran over my thighs. The rest of my legs were crushed beneath the rest of the car.

"You need to go mum!" I said, eyes opening to watch her look at me. Love, sadness and a grief was the mixture of emotions that filled her fathomless eyes. She reached out, and squeezed my elbow.

"I'll get help." she said, almost as if cuing the sirens in the further distance. I nodded, the sickening feeling in my stomach knowing she would never return, causing me to grip her hand once more as she went to turn. She glanced back, and I smiled at her, as these last few moments seemed to tear her apart.

"I love you mum." I said, letting her go. My eyes slid shut, the sound of her footsteps leaving my side, telling me she would be safe. I sent a silent prayer to watch over her when I heard the final leak of petrol leave the semi-trailer. Within a second, I went up in flames.



Tears escaped my eyes, as I reopened them to the present. I was still in that room. Alone. With nobody beside me.

"Would you change any of your last moments?" the voice asked me. I shut my eyes. Could I? Would I? If there was a possibility to change anything from that day that would have altered my fate, I would have. But I knew the drill. You only had one shot at life and that was it. The look in my mothers eyes before I died, seemed to be burned into my mind, because in them were one thing I hadn't seen the day I died. Understanding.

"No." I answered,

"I wouldn't change a thing."

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