daughter of hell

being woken in the middle of the night was nothing new for Raven, she was used to it but when an unexpected visitor turns up and she is torn between the world she knew and the one where she belongs she has to make a heart-wrenching choice or face the conciquences. now Raven must choose between her heart and her home and take part in a life threatening ritual to save her sister before time runs out...


4. tatiana

Sunlight shimmered in my peripheral vision and i lifted my head ready to stretch and call for my father to fetch my breakfast, bam, ouch, that hurt. For a moment as i looked around i couldn’t decipher how on earth i managed to get inside a... a log? My head felt like it was bleeding and i gingerly tapped the place that had been banged and took a peek at my hand, no blood. As my eyes adjusted and i woke up a little more everything that happened in the past day came screaming back, the argument, and blood... corpses, Sydney, the dreams and ‘ROSE!’ i screeched not to anyone in particular as i scrambled out of the log, hurriedly i looked at the charm bracelet hanging loosely at my wrist – it was still there, Rose was still alive, i was hanging on to every thread of hope, no matter how thin. I called for my sister, over and over but nobody came. Every time i yelled my voice got more desperate and after an hour of shouting i just crumpled to the floor and wept, small, vibrating sobs that slowly transformed into hiccups. I must have dozed off because i awoke to a hand gently stroking my cheek, i froze, my eyes widened and my fighting instincts kicked in. I turned on the ground, grabbed the hand and managed to get off the floor while pulling my ‘hostage’s’ hand behind the back and pulling, tight. Only then did i step back to see who it was, she looked like a queen with hair and clothes decked out in jewels.
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