daughter of hell

being woken in the middle of the night was nothing new for Raven, she was used to it but when an unexpected visitor turns up and she is torn between the world she knew and the one where she belongs she has to make a heart-wrenching choice or face the conciquences. now Raven must choose between her heart and her home and take part in a life threatening ritual to save her sister before time runs out...


1. Raven

Fire, blood and fire were everywhere she looked and the smell of charred flesh reached her nostrils from across the room where her father, Lucifer, stood over the body of her mother, what was left of her anyway. ‘Raven, the darkness has awakened, you must hide.’ He spoke barely above a whisper but she knew he was telling the truth because a black mist was swirling through the air coming straight at her. She screamed. I awoke with a jolt and an agonising headache, the nightmare again; nothing could push away the fears of my mind. I had recently started having the same nightmare every night, since my own mother’s twisted death to be exact; i could still smell the metallic smell of blood as the car skidded down the hill... no i couldn’t think of that. The terrible thing was that each time i dreamt it seemed to carry on from what i had seen the night before, like the pieces of a puzzle i needed to join together for some sort of mystery that would destroy the entire world but no it was just a dream. I did know something new from the newest edition to the collection the girl that was there looked like me with waist length, wild black hair and pale skin like what belongs on a porcelain doll and she had my name! I could still hear it echoing round my head like a hollow tunnel ‘Raven, Raven’, it was a fitting name really my features were much like the beautiful bird of prey, with beady black eyes and a curious nature that forces me to stick my nose into everybody’s business, quite like a birds beak now that i think about it. I can’t get the fact out of my head that i had been in the nightmare with a very specific tagline, the name stuck and i soon found myself wanting to find out about what they want from me, the dreams, those ferocious things that suffocate me while i sleep somehow draw me to them, draw me into whatever world that haunts me... Life was pretty much the same as always apart from the dreams, my younger sister Sydney and older sister Rose were massive pains in the neck, fighting endlessly while our father nervously tried to break them apart, weakling, i mean i understand why he was nervous because their fights normally ended in violence and death threats. Me, i normally stayed as far away from those events as i possibly can, for obvious reasons. I tried to hide away from anything that could possibly get me into more trouble so when my father tried to ask about my nightmares, that was when i cracked. ‘don’t you yell at me young lady, i am your father and you will treat me with respect!’ my father spoke bitterly, with resent, it hurt and i could tell by the way that the anger had faded from his face that it had shown in my eyes, so before he could muster a word i had my mask back in place and had turned and fled from the room to my secret retreat, my hiding place. The winter breeze blew my unruly hair back from my face, and the harsh temperature that was there always calmed me down, it woke me up from what happened downstairs. I have never and i mean never let my mask slip before, i always kept it in place for my sanity and others, I wanted to be treated the way i should be, punished when bad and rewarded when good but no, if my emotions come out even once something will happen, when i get angry people normally cower away from me and when sad I’m treated as if I’m a baby, i am sixteen for heaven’s sake. When will my father realise that? The smell of burning told me it was time to go back inside, but once in i found that it wasn’t tea being cooked but our house was full of thick, billowing, toxic smoke. I ran. Downstairs there was nobody, where were they, i saw Sydney lying on the floor with her throat slit and a pool of blood bubbling on the floor, spreading over another corpse – my father’s – I realised, no sign of Rose. Maybe she escaped my head was saying but my heart knew she hadn’t left on her own someone must have taken her, but who and why.
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