daughter of hell

being woken in the middle of the night was nothing new for Raven, she was used to it but when an unexpected visitor turns up and she is torn between the world she knew and the one where she belongs she has to make a heart-wrenching choice or face the conciquences. now Raven must choose between her heart and her home and take part in a life threatening ritual to save her sister before time runs out...


2. cursed

The street outside was illuminated by the flames that were devouring my house and my family’s bodies. The streets started to fill watching and alerting the emergency services, I turned left and then right, there was no sign of my sister. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a note pinned to the floor by Rose’s charm bracelet, identical to the one on my wrist and I knew in that moment she was alive and I had to find her, fast. Our mother gave us the bracelets just before the crash, she was a witch of extraordinary power, and she could murder somebody with a flick of her wrist. She told us that by wearing the bracelets we would be safe but if we took it off we would be in deadly danger. There were five charms on them when we were first given them, one for every member of the family, she warned us that if any of us died the charm would rust and fall from the bracelets, and hers disappeared that very afternoon. My father’s and Sydney’s were also now gone but Rose’s was... different, it was half attached and half not, but I knew what it meant immediately, it meant if i did not find her soon I would be the only one left. The fire brigade turned up and I ducked into the shadows of the dense green forest by our house, I watched them tear the lifeless bodies from the house before fleeing the scene – after all it was a murder I would get blamed for. The further in the forest i got the more the bracelet glowed and i slowed to a brisk walk to read the note which said: To reclaim your sister you must come to the scarred clearing at midnight on Christmas Eve, be ready Raven. Tick, tock, Daughter of Hell No signature, I did not know who this came from, or who has my sister, for all I knew I would be walking into a trap but i knew then that the girl from my dreams was... me?
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