daughter of hell

being woken in the middle of the night was nothing new for Raven, she was used to it but when an unexpected visitor turns up and she is torn between the world she knew and the one where she belongs she has to make a heart-wrenching choice or face the conciquences. now Raven must choose between her heart and her home and take part in a life threatening ritual to save her sister before time runs out...


3. clearing, lost then found

Shadows, they were everywhere, blending and merging the dark green forest into them. I couldn’t find it, the scarred clearing, what is that supposed to be? The fact that i was the seven or eight year old girl in my dreams had not even begun to sink in yet, i had to battle one thing at a time – first i will find my sister and then i will find out what that means. I had been running for at least four hours now and the sun had long since set and my stomach was clenching from exhaustion and well, hunger i suppose because i hadn’t eaten since noon and God was i hungry. I had to find somewhere to stay soon or i will collapse in the middle of the forest, anything could be in here not to mention the murderous THING that killed Sydney and my father in cold blood, heck it even took a hostage – poor Rose, i have to help her, even if it means sacrificing myself, it was a risk i was willing to pay. i was so tired that i just wriggled myself into a hollowed out log and was all set to go to sleep but as always something stopped me, this time instead of the dreams i started to think about what i would have to do tomorrow – Christmas Eve, at midnight.
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