Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


7. Mystery girl (Jade's POV)

I still hadn't been seeing that girl from after school at all. She seemed to have completely disappeared....which was a bit creepy. I mean, there are only like 150 students in the eighth grade, so how hard can it be to find someone like her. 

Meanwhile, Alex kept bragging about how basically she was friends with everyone now, and stuff.

"OMG I think I am really popular now!" Alex said. I just looked at her weirdly. I mean, if she was popular, she wouldn't be sitting with us. 

"Oh congratulations!" I said, flashing my trademark fake smile. She didn't seem to catch the sarcasm in my voice, but Nikki did, and she snickered a bit. 

"I used to sit with Ishell, but now I sit with you guys, cuz I like you more!"

"Yay..." I said, not even bothered to look at her.

"I met this girl called Jessy, and she is so into anime! Just like me!" Alex exclaimed. Now, you might think that I am overusing the exclamation marks, but that's how she actually talks in real life.

"Jessy? never heard of she new?" I asked, because I didn't know of a Jessy in this school.

"No, she isn't. I am pretty sure she was here last year."

" Alex, I was here last year, and I am pretty sure there wasn't a Jessy in the school. So she has to be new."

Well, maybe you didn't know her, but certainly, she has to have been in this school last year."

"So you are saying that I maybe don't remember her? Or I never met her last year? I mean, I probably would've seen her in the hallways...." I was starting to doubt myself. I mean, is it actually possible that I forgot, or I never really met her...?

"I am sure I am right!" Alex replied, with finality in her voice meaning the conversation was over. 

A few days later, I sat in the cafeteria at lunch, just eating my pasta, when all of a sudden, and out of the blue, that girl I met from the Earth Day gig came up to me. 

"Jade!" she said happily.

Apparently, she's been looking for me as well, so now that we finally found each other, we can get to hang out during school hours. 

The next say, I had PE first, and we always start the year with health, and so basically you sit in class and do nothing for 5 weeks. Which might be good, if you had a friend or someone you liked to hang out with in your class!

So I was talking to Jessy, then she started entering the classroom with me. We both said our goodbyes, but she was still walking with me!

"Why are you stalking me?" she finally said. That confused me.

I looked at her and said, "What? Why are you stalking me?" Now we both looked confused. 

Finally, we realised that since her schedule changed, she had this class with me. I was so happy! I couldn't believe my luck. Finally I was going to have some fun.

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