Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


10. Jessy's B-day

Jessy's P.O.V:

I woke up today in a really happy mood. I just came back from week without walls, which is a trip where you travel without your parents to another country with your friends. It's been one week since we came back, and every room is now something I worship from the experiences we had there. My mom made me some yummy breakfast which was different than the usual, and handed me the phone. It's been like a tradition that whenever it's someone's birthday, the relatives call and start screaming their heads off while singing happy birthday in another country for you. 

"HAPPIE BIRDDAAYYY!!" Screamed my little cousin, who barely knew an English. Her voice was so cute that it made me smile for as long as I can remember. 

~Skip Ride to School~

When I reached my school, my smile immediately's the morning and I have to take the stairs! NO FAIR! This might sound dumb not to complain about something like that, but when you have 5 days of school a'll understand. When I finally reached the 3rd floor, lots of people came and greeted me with birthday wishes, which is something I didn't expect because I hang out with Alexis, sooo...On the way to my locker, a very special someone covered my eyes with their hands while saying, "no peaking.." 

Yea, it was obviously Jade, it's obvious cause she's the only one in the whole eighth grade who has bony fingers. 

"Okay, you can open now!"

"Wow!!! Jade! Did you do this!!?!"

"No shit, sherlock!"


She decorated my locker with a red poster full of pictures with One Direction saying cute things that made me blush. Okay,  honestly, my locker is now the best locker in the entire school! 

After about a day of thanking Jade, I went home super excited to tell my sister what happened. 


*Next Day*



"You're not gonna like what you'll see.."

"What's wrong?"

"Umm...Lets take that-"

"Jessyy!!! Come quick!" Kira said, rushing through the halls then dragging me to my locker. I glanced at her just to notice a grin on her face. What?

"OKAY WHO THE EF DID THIS!!!!" I screamed, running up to my locker.

Half of One Direction's faces were now covered with mustaches, covered with pen scribble, and nasty writing.

"Ikr,,,that person sure is nasty!" She says, looking away to find something better to stare at. "Well, I better be going now...see ya!"

" the principle's office," I mumble. 

Days passed and I still haven't found out who did this to my locker. No matter how many times I told Jade it was either Kira or Alex, she wouldn't really believe me.  "Jessy? Why would they do that...?" Was what she would always tell me. No matter how many times I asked Kira if she knew who did this, she would reply with a plain no. 

 One day I was staying after school, and I apperently needed something from my locker. 

"That sucks, to be mistreated by your friends..."

"Huh?" I ask confused. The boy turns around to face me, just staring plainly.

" You surely do know the girl with the orange hair did this, right?"

"-red head,"

"Same thing..."

" Hey, was there anyone else who did this? Why? Who are they? Are you sure that's them?"

"Wow...too many questions, but anyways. She is the only one in this grade who's a red its obviously her..and the other one is obviously Alex, she was with her."

"You saw them do this?"

"Obviously, it was in the morning."

"Thank you so much!"

I knew it it was them! And Jade didn't believe me...wait till you here this. 

Alright you two, time for payback. 

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