Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


5. First Week

Jessy's P.O.V:

Okay, so there was this thing going on at school called 'Earth Day.' It wouldn't hurt to try it, I could make new friends. So I sat in class waiting for my L.A teacher to walk in and start scolding us for being late and unprepared. Yepp, she was incharge of all that. Just then, in walked a girl with really frizzy hair, she looked different then the rest of the people in this school. I bet she was the most popular person. In fact, she looked a lot like my best friend. 

" Hello, I'm Jessy," I said, shaking her hand and smiling. 

"I'm Jade, are you doing this for Earth Day?" Jade replied

"What else am I here for. Are you in 6th or 7th grade?" I asked. She looked at me weirdly then laughed. 

"I'm in 8th grade..." 

"Oh, I've never seen you around."

" I have. You hang out with Ishell right?"  Ishell is a new friend I have made that I hang out with at lunch. She's better than Karma, and I'm so grateful. We started practicing immediately, and I really liked her. She was so pretty and kind and popular. The next day I couldn't find her anywhere, so I sat with Ishell. I couldn't even find her in the hallways. What if she moved schools..? I got so worried. 

"What's wrong?" Ishell asked. I looked around before replying. 

"Nothing, I just met this nice girl yesterday, weirdly I can't find her anywhere. She's like a ghost." Ishell seemed depressed about choosing someone else, but I didn't regret it. I was actually happy. Just then, I saw Alex walking alone. 

"Hey Alex, want to sit with us?" I asked. She nodded and came straight away. She smiled at me as she ate her shawarma. There was awkward silence. When she was done, she went on her laptop and started watching some weird thing. 

"Oh my god! That's anime, right?" I asked, sounding impressed by the fact I was not the only one who watched it.

"Yup. OMG you know what anime is? I thought I was the only weird one?" She chirped. I spent the rest of my lunch listening to her talk about different animes I knew. 

So my week passed pretty much the same...There was no sign of Jade at all... Sadly..

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