Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


2. First Week (Jade's POV)

Throughout the whole week, everything basically went the same. I live in the middle east (because of my dad's job), but even though I go to an American school, school days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So on two days after school started, something significant happened.

Nikki actually made a new friend! That was a very big achievement for her.

At least I wouldn't feel as bad when I finally have the guts to tell her how I feel. Apparently, Nikki's new friend is called Kira. She wasn't really that bad, but sometimes she would ditch us and go hang out with these other people. Oh whatever. I don't think she will last long with us. Not that I care. My social life has been destroyed because of Nikki. I just don't have the guts to say it. 

Anyway, I started going to this after school thing, where we are basically expected to do the teacher's work of preparing for Earth Day or something. I just did it to get on the teacher's good side. (I heard that she like to pick favorites, then she despised everyone else.) 

At that after school gig, I met this girl that seemed to love colors and sparkles. When we introduced ourselves, I didn't really catch her name, so I asked her, "Sorry, what's your name?"


"Sorry I didn't quite catch that..." but then I didn't hear her name again, so I decided that I was deaf and I needed to go to a doctor or something.

Each person who volunteered was expected to be part of planning this lip syncing activity, if not majorly corporated in it.

That girl and I were going to practice together, since she was new and basically none of her friends did the afterschool gig with her.

", I like your skirt!" I said, trying to start a conversation.

"Oh thanks!" she said.

" you want to start practicing?" 



The next day, I searched for her at lunch, but I couldn't find her. What a shame. I thought we were getting closer.

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