Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


4. First Day of School

Jessy's P.O.V:

Today's the day. I'm moving to a different school and I'm dead scared. What if they don't like me? What if I don't meet any new friends? Lots of thoughts and questions raced through my head while I sat up in bed.

"Jessy? Are you awake?" My mom yelled from downstairs. 

"Yes," I groaned, walking over to my closet. I stared at it for hours, my mind lost in thoughts. I'm going to a new school...I've never changed systems, I might not understand the American system. 

"You'll be fine," My mom re-assured me, as if she read my mind. She picked for me a new turquoise outfit which didn't make me comfortable, but I shut my mouth and nodded as I quickly got dressed. 

"Jessy dear, I will be accompanying you to school today to make sure everything is fine and you know where to head to, is that fine?" My mom asked, preparing my breakfast. I nodded in agreement and ate in silence. I was so worried and scared. I was still holding the spoon full of cereal in my hand until some beep noise scared the crap out of me, causing the whole bowl of cereal to drop on my shirt and pants. 

"Oh fudge," I muttered. Why does this always happen to me!?! My mom rushed to clean my shirt, saying every once in a while to be a happy child. Child? I'm not a child, I'm 12! By the time my mom was done cleaning my shirt (and pants) I shoved my schoolbag in the car and followed after it. My mom sat in the front with the driver, showing him the road. As for me? Don't ask...I'm going to hell. I start my day off with cereal on my shirt then a morning with my cousins!? Not bad, eh? How about I tell you how much I dislike them. They are annoying brats, really!

"Ugh, give me my spoon back!" Yelled Ziro.

"It's not yours it's mine!" Replied Angelina, 4 years of age, scratching Ziro in the neck causing him to scream. My ears were becoming deaf.

I cunningly slipt my hand behind Angelina's back to reach Ziro's arm. When the time was right, I pinched him hard, causing him to scream and cry.

"Aunty!" Ziro said, screaming in pain while talking to my mom,"Angelina pinched meee!"

I quietly laughed as my mom scolded them to behave. I reached the school's gates after hearing my mom go non and on about where to meet and so forth. I rolled my eyes, looking around for any cute boy or a girl that can become my best friend  After giving me my locker number '555' my mom left me, saying I'll do great. The bell rang and it sounded nothing like the bell in my old school. I laughed to myself at the sound as people quickly rushed passed me, looking at me as if I were some sort of weirdo. I smiled at everyone, trying to be as kind as possible. If anyone did ask me something, I would shyly reply in a quiet voice. I looked at my schedule, okay first block Music, then Science, the L.A, and last of all P.E. Oh my god, I hate it. Since I'm smart I'm going to have to do Honors Geometry and so I cant do P.E with the 8th graders, I have to do it with the 7th. I was pissed...I didn't want to go to some class which people were 16 or 15 year old and I was 12, I felt so shy. The teacher would pick on me every once in a while but I would shrug, pretending I didn't know the answer when I did because I was so shy. I met a couple of friends today. Weirdly, I don't understand how they're popular. They have this really screechy voice and make a fuss out of anything. I just decided to ask them if I can hang out with them at lunch. They nodded, not knowing what else to do, I can tell they didn't want any 'newbies' in the group. At lunch, I decided to leave them and go to a friend I knew in my old school. 

"Hey Karma!" I said enthusiastically. Looks like she hasn't made any friends to hang out with at lunch so far. 

"Hey, wanna buy Subway!"

"S-sure," I said. I didn't want to but it but I had no choice. 

" You should add some pickles with that," Karma pointed out. Before I replied, she told the man making my sandwich  " Pickles please, lots. Jessy, You'll love them.."

I ended up with nothing to eat at lunch. The pickles made the whole sandwich taste disgusting. I was about to choke from them. I tried removing them out of it but the sandwich still taste like pickles. 

"So you like it? I told you it's nice," Karma said, nudging me on the shoulder. I smiled and nodded. "Why aren't you eating that?" 

" Oh um...I lost my appetite, I'm not hungry," I lied. She nodded and continued chewing on her sandwich  I was starving for the whole day! Thank god school's almost over. 

In science class, this weird black girl named Alex walked in. DUHH...I needed to get away from Karma and make new friends. 

"Hey Alex," I said as she placed her books on my table. yup..she's sitting on my table, I can win her. "I'm Jessy."

"I'm Alex, nice to meet you," she said smiling. Well she isn't THAT bad, perhaps I can be her friend. 

"Nice to meet you too," I whispered, noticing the Science teacher was shooting death glares at me to lower my voice. 

School was finally over. I ran to my bed and buried my head in my pillow until I heard some nice music with angelic voices coming from my stereo. I ignored it and went to sleep, I hated my day...kind of. 


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