Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


8. Alex's Birthday

Jessy's P.O.V:

Today, I woke up in a really bad mood. I arrived at school late as always, which is 5 minutes before the bell rings. Its not because I'm the tardy one, it's my driver. School starts at 8:00 and he arrives 7:40 at my house! I was so pissed with him, stupid man. When I arrived in the 8th grade commons, Jade was sitting on the bench, hypnotized by her laptop screen

"Hey Jade," I said yelled, rushing to sit on the extra part of the bench next to her. 

"Oh hey, Jessy. It's Alex's birthday today," She said, smiling at my empty hands that held no gift. I knew that she knew I forgot.  

"Really? Holy Shit, I forgot!" I cursed. n the past couple of days, Alex was talking about her birthday nonstop. She wanted us to buy her a birthday present that will be fabulous. I never did dare mention this topic to my mom. She had a lot of things to deal with anyways, like cleaning up the house, not to listen to me blabber about my friend's  birthday. No way was I going to buy her a gift when she didn't even have a birthday party, or some cake! She's been over-dramatizing things a lot these days! I'm getting the feeling that I'm starting to dis-like her. 



"Jessy!!!" Someone screamed from behind me while jumping on my back, causing me to lose my balance. 

"If you don't notice, I'm holding a laptop here! Gosh," I scolded. My laptop was the love of my life, and if it broke, that person was going to pay big time!

"There's 1 more week left for my birthday. I'm so excited. I'm going to get lots of amazing gifts from you. But as for you Jessy, you have to give me 2 big ones, okay?" She squealed. "Oh and don't forget you're in charge of  my cake, poster, and everything else...I want this birthday to be my best!"

"Then why don't you make a party? Why do we have to do all the work for you?" I asked, rolling my eyes. 

"'re my friends!" She said walking away, then yelled at me again, causing almost everyone in the commons to stare at us," Don't forget my gifts!!!" 

*End of flashback*


"Haha, well you're so dead," Jade stated. 

" Is that supposed to make me feel better?" I asked her. She laughed really hard and nodded. I smiled at her as well. 

" Okay then, I shouldn't tell you who's behind you..." She trailed off, backing away. I turned around to see Alex, jumping happily towards me. I tried to make a run, but it was too late. 

" Where's my gift!!?!" She chirped enthusiastically.

"Umm....Okay so don't get me wrong or anything, but my cousins ripped it," I said, trying mt best to sound confident. She looked at me raising one of her eyebrows. 

" Am I supposed to believe that?" She asked. I smiled.

"Happy Birthday Alex, enjoy!" I walked away after saying that. 

~At Lunch~

I told Jade the whole story in the bathroom as she started laughing. We walked back to our lunch table to see Alex fiddling with her Salad. 

"Hey Alex," Jade said, trying not to laugh.

"Hi," She said in a dull mood. I rolled my eyes. She looked at me and stood up, trying to push the table like a boss, but she was so weak so she couldn't.

"Listen, don't get all mad at ME for not getting a birthday present to your best friend! Such a bitch, Jessy," She yelled, causing most of the neighboring tables to stare at the scene. 

"Who said I even liked you?" I mumbled, causing Kira to laugh. Kira never liked Alex anyways. They were on the enemies sign. I didn't seem offended at all by the word she just called me, I don't care what other people think of me. 

" What was that!?!" She roared. She really did sound worse than Jade's sneeze, which you don't want me to get started on how funny it is to me and how scary it is to other children. 

"I said I liked you but I forgot," I replied calmly, showing that I'm uninterested in the topic. 

" You're useless!" She yelled, storming off. 

" You too, hunn," I said while she walked away. She probably didn't hear me and I didn't care.

"That was way too funny, Jessy," Kira said. I smiled, perhaps maybe we could get along...

"-And that's how Jessy kicked Alex out of the group," Jade said. 

"Oh, so you got a new job for super man's news reporter?" I asked.  

" Actually, super woman," She corrected. We all laughed. 'We' meaning no Alex. What a day it was for her.

Enjoy celebrating your birthday alone, I thought


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