Another One of Those Drama Stories

Just read it....(based on a true story btw)


6. Alex

Jessy's P.O.V:

One day, Alex did not sit at our table. I thought that was weird but Ishell was probably happy, I don't think she liked Alex anyways. The next day in Science class we talked non-stop. 

"Dude, where were you?" I asked, trying to sound worried. 

" Umm...I made some other friends. I have to now try to split time between you guys and my other friends." 

"Oh...," I said. What a day. "Can I meet them one day?"

"Sure!" She said,"How about today?"

I looked at her worriedly. What about Ishell? Oh well... "Today is fine," I managed to reply. 

After class Alex walked with me to find Ishell. I tensed my shoulders up to see her hanging out with my worst enemy. Even though I never met her, I hated her, and she hated me.

"Hi Ishell," I tried to say. She stopped doing whatever she was doing and turned around.

"Hey," She said. Before she could say another world, my enemy, Linny, started whining. 

"Come on, Ishell. We have to go!" Linny cried, dragging Ishell by her hand. I glared at her, I never thought she would do this! 

Alex remained quiet until I turned around and motioned for her to go on. Alex remained the normal her, though, jumping around like a frog. She would talk to me about some guys but I wouldn't reply. I was lost in thoughts. God! I'm never trusting Ishell again. I felt so cheated on, she knew I hated her, I think. No, she didn't...but I'm sure she must have felt the same way I did. 

"We're here," Alex nudged me, causing me to wake up. I looked around at the group. This shouldn't be bad, I thought. 

"Hey, I'm Jessy," I said, smiling at everyone. Then I stopped, I saw a very familiar face. I stared at her, then smiled widely. 

"Jade!" I yelled, as happy as can be. Finally, I found her!

"You guys know each other?" Alex asked. I nodded, grinning that I finally had found something that has been lost for more than a year. 

"We met in the Earth Day project," Jade explained. I laughed. 

The group contained 5 people, including myself. Nikki, Kira, Alex, Jade, and me. Everyone seemed kind except Kira. Kira had orange hair, and honestly, almost all ginger headed girls I have met were b*tches. Not being rude or anything, I knew we were not going to get along. I tried to be kind to her though, just incase she was different. 


Next Day:

My parents and I were going to school to meet my Honors Geometry teacher. Don't ask me but I knew what I was expecting. My average was a C+, 77%. My dad especially was mad. He knew that I was smart and he didn't approve of it. I daydreamed in the whole meeting, because it was boring, until I heard my mom speak up. 

"So you want her to take Algebra back in eight grade?" She question. 

"Precisely!" He exclaimed. 

"Isn't there another way?" My dad asked, sounding concerned. 

" Her marks are average, however, why bother take this class if she's going to have to repeat the Math in 12th grade?" He said. 

" But they said she can take college stuff early," My mom explained. 

" She can't do that, no one can. So I don't see there's any use in putting her in a higher level where she has to struggle when she can be with the rest of her classmates," He said, he was always in a hyper mode. 

"Okay then, Jessy? Back to eighth grade!" My dad exclaimed. I sighed, I was going to be asked a lot of questions and thought to have failed Geometry. I knew what I was expecting.  


I woke up early in the morning. I had no classes with anyone from the group except Science class with Alex. I was changing P.E classes as well, so I get to have it with the eight grade people. Finally! I looked at my new schedule. First class, P.E. We have health so I don't have to do anything but pay attention in class. I arrived to school as soon as the bell rang. I saw Jade walking towards me. 

"Hey Jade!" I said, running to hug her. She backed off. Right, I forgot about her 'no hugging' rule. I sighed, I want someone to hug...! 

We chatted a bit about random things before going in our different classes, I thought. I was wrong, Jade was walking my way.

"Stalker," I joked, when she caught up to me. She also ended up walking in my class. 

"Umm...Jade? Why are you following me?" I asked.

"I'm not, why are you following me?" She asked back. 

" Wait! Are you in this class?" 

"Uh....yea, obviously," She said, "Which class are you in?"

"This class!" I yelled happily. She smiled so much and started laughing. 

" I didn't know you were in this class!" She laughed," I never had anyone to sit with here, finally I have you. Come sit here!"

This was the best day ever. Jade is in my P.E class, yay!

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