"Good luck honey." He said with a sickly sweet smile. "ZAYN!" I screamed struggling against my restraints. He flashed me a smile before exiting the room.


4. You?

.... Liam. 

"Why are you holding a gun?" I asked. Something was off. I figured it out it was the way he was holding it. He held it the way an agent would. He was one of us. He tensed up. 

"Because I am." He spat. This was a whole new side of Liam that I had never seen. 

"Liam you are one of us?" I said unsure of the answer.

"Yes. I don't know where the boys are. FDR sent me undercover so I could watch over you and Zayn by the way." He said. So FDR did know that Zayn and I had history. Liam and I slit up and searched the house. I suddenly felt somwthing cover my mouth. I quickly faded into blackness.

Zayn's  POV

I opened my eyes. I was in a dark room tied to a chair. I looked around and saw Harry, Niall, and  Louis. Confusion waved over me. Where was Skylar? Where was Liam? I heard someone coming. I stiftened. The door swung open and two large men carried two bodies in. Once they were thrown into chairs infront of us. Hoods where taken off their heads. It was Liam and Skylar. Skylar was already awake. She was swearing and cursing. A man yelled for her to shut up the hit her across the face.

"Oi leave her alone!" I yelled. His head snapped in my direction. The lights went on. We were in a medium sized white room. Skylar gave me the death star. He hit her again. "Eh hit someone your own size ya pussy!" I yelled. He smirked and walked over to me. 2 other guys walked in. They untied me from the chair and stood me up. 

"Okay I will. If you can get to her we will let her go. If not then she stays nothing extra we continue as is. Deal?" He asked. I nodded. I ran at the closest guy. I swung my fist at him. He stumbled back. I went to hit him again when I felt a rope around my throat. I was tossed to the ground. I continued to fight. Was soon held down. The first guy lent over me. "Why are going through all of this for her?" He asked me.

"I love her." I choked out. He turned his head to Skylar. "Do you love him?" He asked her. She shook her head. Again I felt my heart drop into my stomach. "So you would care if I did this?" He ask before gliding a knife down my side. I squirmed in pain. I knew at that moment I was going to die. He was going to kill me to prove a point. 

Skylar's POV

I watched as they tortured him. They hung him up on a meat hook thing by chains. He was past fighting. He was broken. I heard Niall yelling. I looked over at him. "Do you want to be next?" I spat. Tears streamed down his face. I looked at Harry and Louis who were also crying. They were all so terrified. 

4 Days Later

Yesterday they let us out of our restraints. The boys managed to get a very weak Zayn down. I was sitting in a corner with his head on my lap. It was at that moment that I realized that I did love him. I felt him stir. His eyes slowly opened. The shining golden color was now a dull lifeless hazel. He looked up and saw me. A smile crept across his mouth. I ran my hand through his hair. A tear rolled down my cheek and crashed onto his. The lights flickered on and in the bright harsh light he looked ten times worse. His body was severly discolored and his blood had dried on him. A middle aged woman entered and told us to get clean. Liam helped me get Zayn to his feet. He left us alone in the bathroom. I helped him out of his clothes.

"You know I imagined the moment you took my clothes off much differently." He said, his voice cracking. I laughed. I held him up. We stepped into the shower. He tried to stand on his own but collapsed under his own weight. I caught him as he fell but his weight brought me down. We sat intertwined with each other. I felt his body shudder. I knew then that he was crying. 

"Zayn... I'm so so so sorry." I whispered.

"Why? Why do you even care you hate me." He said quietly.

" No Zayn I don't. I hate the things you have done to me but I could never hate you.... I have been so stubborn. I love you Zayn, that night when I met you, your eyes drew me in and your touch hooked me, you voice caused me to fall. It's everything about you. I-" He cut me off by crashing his lips into mine. A knock on the door came interrupting  us. I stood up and helped him up. There was a clean set of clothes set out on the vanity. We got dressed the left the room. Liam was outside and took Zayn. Harry and Louis were shaking. One person was missing.... Niall.

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