"Good luck honey." He said with a sickly sweet smile. "ZAYN!" I screamed struggling against my restraints. He flashed me a smile before exiting the room.


1. Partners for Life

I screamed for my mom as they dragged me away. Tears streaming down my face. Their hands gripped tightly into my frail arms. The threw me into the back of a large white SUV. I was 12 then. "Hey come here." A voice said. I shook my head. I looked up to see a cute boy with tanned skin honey eyes and short jet black hair. He was about 16. He came and sat next to me. 

"I want to go home!" I cried. He sighed and brought me under his arm. I oddly felt safe with him. I buried my face into his shirt. I started to sob.

"Eh! Shut up back there!" One guy yelled. I was so scared I started to shake. "EH Shut up and drive! Those were your orders!" The boy yelled back. I held tightly on to him.

"I'm Zayn what's your name?" He asked.

"Skylar....... Zayn is it bad if I am scared?" I asked in almost a whisper. He chuckled.

"Skylar I'm pretty sure if two buildings of men come into your room at night and take you, you have every right to be scared." He told me. I let out a small smile. I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the sounds of voices. I looked around and realized I was tied to a chair. A man stepped in. Tears flooded my face. He raised his gun and placed it to my temple. "There is 1 bullet. Enjoy." He said. He pulled back the trigger. Nothing. I started to scream, scream for Zayn. Terror rushed through me.


"ZAYN" I heard someone cry my name I stood up and rushed out of the briefing room. I ran down the hall way to interrogation. I burst through the first door with my gun pointed and ready. I took one shot and Jeff was on the ground clutching his knee. I untied Skylar and she latched herself onto me. I gently rocked her back and forth. She sobbed into my chest. People rushed in and their jaws dropped at the sight. I ignored them. Thats when FDR walked in. He ordered everyone out of the room leaving us three alone.

"What were you thinking?" He asked me.

"I don't know. It was instinct." I told him.

"Put her back. I have to talk to her." He said. I gave him a look but did. She held on to me tightly. I started to tie her back up. She looked so betrayed and hurt. 

"Don't leave me here. Zayn don't leave me." She sobbed. I backed away towards the door. Her beautiful hazel eyes were filled with so much sadness. I shut the door behind me. 

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