"Good luck honey." He said with a sickly sweet smile. "ZAYN!" I screamed struggling against my restraints. He flashed me a smile before exiting the room.


2. Later in Life

4 years later

Skylar's POV

"Now since you have finished training we must assign you a partner. There is only one other agent with out one so you will be his. His name is Zayn Malik." FDR said. Hatred filled my veins. He noticed. "Skylar that's an order. Your assignment is to protect Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson." He said. I grabbed my bag and headed out to the flat that they were all supposed to be at. 

I got up to the flat and knocked on the door. A boy with curly hair opened up. "Hello?" He asked. "I'm here to see Zayn." I said coldly. He nodded then let me in. He told me to wait there and soon a man walked around the corner  He was wearing black skinny jeans no shirt. His hair was messy. Thats when I noticed the all familiar honey orbs. He walked up to me. 

"What are you doing here?" He spat grabbing my arms pushing me against a walk. I flipped us around and pulled his hands above his head and placed my knee at his groin applying pressure. He grimaced in pain. I pressed harder. He let out a slight whimper. I quickly brought my knee way only to forcefully slam it back. He groaned in pain. I let his arms down and threw him to the ground. 

"FDR sent me." I spat. While he was still on the ground I placed my foot on his crotch. I pressed down he squirmed under. "You won't talk to me, tounch me, or even look at me again." I said coldly. He nodded. I released him and walked into the kitchen. The four boys stared at me. 

"Are you like Zayn?" The blonde one said. I raised an eyebrow. 

"Niall you can go around asking every person Zayn knows if they are spies." The one with brown wind swept hair said. I froze. 

"From her reaction I say she is." A guy with buzzed hair said. They all came closer. I grabbed the nearest one and punched him in the face. Blood instantly pouring from it. The guy with curly hair rushed to help him.

"Harry stop." A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Zayn standing there. 

"Zayn he is bleeding!" Harry protested.

"Harry yes I see that I have god damn eyes! I told you guys if you ever meet another agent don't approach them! You are damn lucky she didn't break it or worse. Lou go take care of it." Zayn said. Louis nodded and walked away. Harry looked like he wanted to kill the other boy. Niall looked absolutley terrified. Liam just stood there calmly. 

"Why the fuck would you tell them?" I asked Zayn. He rolled his eyes. "I asked you a fucking question!" I yelled he turned around and slapped me. The boys froze. 

"You stupid bitch. You think after 4 years of training you would know how to respect a class AA agent." He yelled. I cupped my face. 

"I am your partner you prick!" I spat. I went to slap him back. He grabbed my hand a hit me again. He did this a few times. He threw me to the ground. 

"You will learn your place. Stupid bitch." He spat before leaving. As he left the room I finally let the tears fall freely. Liam came up to me. He knelt directly in front of me. I moved away. He held out a bag of ice. I thanked him. He stood up and left the room. A few minutes later I heard him start to yell. 


"GO AWAY!" Zayn yelled back.

"No. You can't go around beating the shit out of girls!"  He scolded.

"Liam she is a fucking assassin a trained killer! She can handle it." Zayn spat back. 

"Then tell me why she is crying her eyes out on the kitchen floor?! Why is she afraid of me? Why is she struggling to keep her tears in? Wait I know she is 16! Because you hurt her! And lastly because she wants to be strong, she doesn't want you to know that she is crying after you beat the fuck out of her!" Liam yelled. I cried even harder. I crawled into a corner. Soon Zayn stormed into the room. I shrunk back into my spot. His eyes landed on me. 

"Get up." He ordered. I slowly got up, my knees shaking. He walked up to me. I looked down I felt his hot breath on my face. I was so  scared. I felt a tears roll down my cheek. He gently touched my cheek wiping it away. "Are you afraid?" He asked. I nodded. "Like I said 4 years ago you have every right to be. But this time you need to over come your fear."  He told me.

"How?" I whispered. 

"Kiss me." He replied.


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