Remember me

''You are my best friend.'' Harry said with a smile and he gave me a chain with inside a picture of us. ''Gemma made it for you.'' Harry said. ''Harry it's beautiful.'' I said and I gave him a hug. Harry and I where neighbours since we where born.
''Do you want some Ice cream, I have chocolate your favorite.'' he said and he took my hand and we walked to his house.

That was ten years ago....

Hi my name is Katherine Brown and I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my dad, step-mother and step-brother. We are a happy family. We used to live in Engeland but we moved to the Netherland because my mother died when I was 8 years old. I don't remember anything when I use to live in Engeland, I don't remember my friends and the thing is I don't remember my mother.


2. Harry Styles

Katherina's POV.

''YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ME KATE.'' Harry yelled to my.

''HELLO MY EARS AGAIN.'' I yelled back

''Harry calm down please.'' Zayn said and he put his arm around Harry.

''Maybe you should listen to Zayn.'' I said angry.

''You know me.'' Harry said and I saw the tears in his eyes.

''Harry I'm really sorry, I don't know you and the weirdest thing is the picture.'' I said and I turned my face to Felica. She was in shocked en I looked at her and I want to make sure to here that I wanted to leave.

''Kate let's go.'' she said and I was feeling guilty. This was her day, her special moment.

''Maybe you should stay, you love those guys.'' I said decided and I took mine jacket from the couch and I walked down to the door. But someone grabbed my arm and when I turned I saw Harry standing in front of me but when I looked in his eyes something happened.


''Harry why are you doing this.'' I said peevish and I was looking at my wet clothes. Harry was going to far this time and I was holding my hair in my hands and I looked at the lake where I felt in like 2 minutes ago. Harry looked worried at me.

''I'm sorry Kate I didn't mean to.'' he said and he took my hand.

''We can switch you can wear my clothes and then we are going to my home for warm HOT CHOCOLATE.'' he said and he was trying to perk me up. I had still my angry-harry-face but when I looked at him immediately I wasn't that angry any more.

''Fine, but you are going to wear my clothes.'' I said with a smile and Harry took his shirt off and gave it to me.

''Only because you are my best friend Katherine.'' he said with a smile and he gave me a hug. We where 8 so we saw a hug for friendship. Harry and I where very close together it was kind of creepy because we did everything together from the shower to  the playground. literal we did everything together 24/7 each day. If one of use moved to a other place I think we where broken.  Because he was a sort of brother for me and I know we where 8 and we didn't understand a lot of things but we know that we stay friends forever.

''Katherine I want HOT CHOCOLATE so don't be a snail and get you lovely face her, cup cake.'' he said and he grabbed my arm. We loved hot chocolate, specially Harry. When we opened the door of Harry house I saw that Anna was making diner.

''Sweetheart.'' she said to me and we gave me a kiss on my for head.

''Annaaaa.'' I screamed


''Because we want to play on our float but I pushed Kate by accidence.'' he said and I saw the tears in his eyes.

''Harry don't be lugubrious, it was a accident.'' I said and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and immediately Harry's face changed.

''OK!.'' he said joyful and he put my clothes off.

''Oke you two little busybodies, it's time for hot chocolate.'' Anna said and she was looking at us and she laughed and walked down to the kitchen.

''Sleepover tonight.'' Harry smiled.

''Sleepover tonight.'' I answer immediately


''Kate...'' Harry asked me worried but then my tears where falling down my cheek.

''Ha..a..rr..yy?.'' I asked.

''Yes Kate?.'' he said and he was really looking worried and he put his arm around my shoulder.

''I.. I.. want to have hot chocolate!!!.'' I said with tears falling down my cheeks and I saw that Harry was laughing.

''Welcome back cup cake. '' he said and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.


Finally Harry and Kate are back! what do you guys think. I think the next one is going to be a drama story. So guys what do you think I really want to hear your opinion.







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