Remember me

''You are my best friend.'' Harry said with a smile and he gave me a chain with inside a picture of us. ''Gemma made it for you.'' Harry said. ''Harry it's beautiful.'' I said and I gave him a hug. Harry and I where neighbours since we where born.
''Do you want some Ice cream, I have chocolate your favorite.'' he said and he took my hand and we walked to his house.

That was ten years ago....

Hi my name is Katherine Brown and I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my dad, step-mother and step-brother. We are a happy family. We used to live in Engeland but we moved to the Netherland because my mother died when I was 8 years old. I don't remember anything when I use to live in Engeland, I don't remember my friends and the thing is I don't remember my mother.


1. Going out

A/N ---- Hello guys, I'm Isabelle from the Netherlands and this is my first English fanfic.... SO I KNOW THAT MY SPELLING ISN'T CORRECT AT ALL. hihihi. Oke I hope you love my story. enjoy xxxx.


''Kate please I beg you.'' Felica said it almost crying.

''No, I'm not going to that stupid concert Felica.'' I said and I rolled with my eyes. I went to my window and I opened it. It was a beautiful day.

''It's tonight I can't go alone.'' she said

''I'm not going to ONE DIRECTION.'' I shouted and I closed the window and I looked at myself in the mirror. I have long brown hair and green/brown eyes. I was thin but I had a pot belly in the make. I was wearing a skinny jeans and a matching shirt with ruffles. 

''Kate, Katiee, KATHERINE.'' she yelled and I muttered something.

''Oke fine, pick me up at 5 and I should ask my brother of he can take us to that stupid concert.'' I said with a fake smile. But she was one of my best friends here is the Netherlands. ''You must be wearing something nice.'' she said with a smile.

''Why..'' I asked her. ''Because we are going to meet them.'' she said and she was screaming right know.

''Felicaaa my ears.'' I said with my hand to my ears.

''I'm sorry but we have to leave right now.'' she said and she opened my closet.

''NOW??!!.'' I signed

''YEAH RIGHT NOW, LOVE.'' she screamed and she took my light pink mini dress out my closet.

''Can I borrow this one?.'' she asked

''Yeah sure why not.'' I said irritated.

''Come on love we are going to meet ONE DIRECTION.'' and she screamed again.

''FELICA MY EARS.'' I yelled back

''sorry but I'm so nervous.'' she said. It isn't that I hate One direction but I don't like boy bands at all. You don't make me happy with a hug from Louis or Zayn. And I walked to my desk and took my phone from it. I saw I had a message from dad.

Honey, I'm going to paris for 2 weeks with Angela. I hope you don't mind. David is home by 7. I love you darling, see you in 2 weeks. x your dad.

That does he every time. When he leaves he always text me I really hate that kind of way. So I decided to not answer him and I put my phone away. 

''KATHERINE WE HAVE TO GO NOW.'' she said and she was giving me my baby blue strapless dress and I took it on. I grabbed my phone from the table and took my handbag. 

''LET'S GO.'' Felica screamed.

**45 minutes later**

We where waiting in a orange room with flowers and security. One of the security opened the door and 5 boys came out.

''Kate PLEASE HOLD ME.'' she said and she took my hand.

''Helloooo ladieees.'' someone said with a smile and he gave us a hug.

''My name is Louis the leader of the group.'' he said smiling.

''OMM.MMM...GGGAAAADDDDDD. IIITTT''SS LL..LL..LL..'' Felica screamed

''Oke 1.2.3.'' I said and felica felt on the ground.

''She does this all the time so don't border to slap here sometimes.'' I said and I gave him a wink.

''HEY YOU HAVE A BRITCHES ACCENT !!!!. '' Louis screamed.

''Yeah because I use to live there.'' I said and I was playing with my chain.

''Witch place?.'' Someone said with brown hair and a cute smile.

''Besides My name is Liam.'' he said and he gave me a hug to. What was wrong with those guys, I don't want to have your hugs. Urgh.

''Nice to meet you, I'm from Holmes Chapel.'' I said

''Really I live there to.'' some guys said with curly hair.

''Really that's nice.'' I said

''My name is Harry.'' he said and he gave me a hug to. But this time it was feeling weird. I felt like I know this way of hugging. Harry was looking at me from they bottom to my face. But his eyes stopped when he looked at my chain.

''Something wrong.'' I said.

'' I don't know.'' he said in thought.

''Can you open that chain.'' he asked.

''No I tried but I can't open it.'' I said and I took my chain from my neck.

''Can I try.'' he said.

''Yeah sure but don't BREAK IT I WARN YOU.'' I said emphatic and he walked down to the table and he clicked it open with one finger.

''How did you do that.'' I said confusing.

''NO. IT'S YOU.'' he said looking at me if I had something on my face.

''Yeah it's me.'' I said confusing.

''Katherine.'' he said with tears in his eyes.

''Okeay EXPLAIN.'' I yelled.

''Do you not remember me at all love.'' he said and he was gave me the chain, when I looked at it I saw a picture of me when I was little with a little guy.

''That is me in the picture.'' he said and I saw tears dropping down his cheeks.

''No that can't be, I don't know you.'' I said angry

''Katherine I thought you where dead. '' he said.

''DEAD. What the hell.'' ''I don't know you Harry we just met 2 minutes ago.''

''No we not. I know you since you where born your my best friend...'' he said


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