That Boy

This story is about a girl named Jessica. She's got a big brother who is Louis Tomlinson. Jessica is during the story falling in love with Louis' best friend, Harry. but there is someone who doesn't like Harry... I hope you like it :) Xx


4. Sharing A House

I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting. The boys are gone for 15 minutes now. What is this? I keep asking myself. Are they through? but that isn't possible, right? what is this? I'm so nervous. Then the door opens. Louis, Harry and the other boys are walking to me. 'We are through!' Louis says and he gives me a hug. 'huh, but how?' 'we've been putted in a group' the blonde guy says with a cute Irish accent. 'WHAT?' I scream. Omg I'm so happy, my bro, Harry and 3 other handsome guys are in one band!


A week after the bootcamp all the boys come to our house. mom and dad sleep over at my grandma's for this week. 'I can sleep over by a friend too?' I said to Louis. 'No,no, please stay. Harry would like that too.' He said with a smirk. And today they are all coming. The bell rings. 'I'll open' I say. Cuz Louis is still changing his clothes. When I open the door, I see it's Harry. 'Hey Jessica, how are you?' 'I'm fine, thank you, you?' 'I'm good because I finally can share a house with you, erm I mean Louis, and the rest of the guys.' He blushes. I smirk 'Okay, well come in. Louis is upstairs I think.' Then another car stops and Niall and Liam come out of the car. I let them in. When I want to close the door I hear somebody screaming: 'wait!' 'Hey Zayn!' I say, but it isn't Zayn. It's Jake. 'Hey babe, you forgot my name? I'm Jake remember. Who is Zayn? is he a dude like Harry? Don't kiss him, remember? 'I kiss who ever I want to kiss, now leave.' 'nah I wanna make fun with ya, your to beautiful to let go, babe' 'I'm not your babe, and now go!' he grabs my waist 'Leave me alone!' I scream. Then someone is pulling Jake backwards. 'back off, mate' Zayn says. 'leave her alone, we don't want ya in this house' 'someday you will be mine, Tomlinson' he says to me. Omg im so scared. 'are you okay?' Zayn asks. 'I guess'. Zayn hugs me. 'we will protect you'. Zayn and I walk together to the livingroom. all boys are sitting there. 'What's wrong?' Niall asks. 'Did Zayn kiss you? aw poor Harry, he doesn't like that, I guess.' Niall says and he laughs. I look at Harry, he's blushing, again. Does he like me? 'No I didn't kiss her but another boy wanted to...' 'Jake!' Louis says. 'Aw he is an awful boy. I'm sorry that I was friends with him. Sorry Jess' Louis says and he hugs me. 'Aw, that's okay, it's not your fault that so many boys like me.' I smirk *cough cough* Harry *cough* Niall says. All the boys are laughing. Niall is the funny one, I already know that. 'Well Niall, stop with your jokes now.'  Harry says. 'But Hazza, It's true right?' Liam says. 'well, it's, well, you know. 'who wants something to drink?' I ask. And I walk to the kitchen. 

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