That Boy

This story is about a girl named Jessica. She's got a big brother who is Louis Tomlinson. Jessica is during the story falling in love with Louis' best friend, Harry. but there is someone who doesn't like Harry... I hope you like it :) Xx


3. Jake

Now it's time for bootcamp. Harry and Louis are going to sing another song for the judges. But we have to wait for a while. Omg I am so nervous. for both. when we go sit at our blue table again Jake asks me if he can talk to me for a minute. 'yeah sure' I say. ugh I really don't want this but okay, I'll go with him. We go sit at another table and I watch Louis and Harry talking. They are already friends, and I'm happy for Louis, and for myself. 'so' Jake starts 'you shouldn't trust that Harry boy. He is arrogant, as I said, and he is selfish. I hate boys like that, he just wants you cause your pretty, he will never love you. There are enough other boys for you, who are sweet to you, and who are good enough for you.' I really can't believe what Jake is saying right now. 'And a good boy like that, you are talking to right now' Jake says and then he kisses me. I push him away. 'stop!' I say 'I don't like you!' he grabs my arms and kisses me again. Then I feel two warm arms around me, that are pulling me away from Jake. It's Louis, I start to cry and he hugs me. 'How dare you!' Louis screams to Jake. 'How dare you kissing my sister while she doesn't want it!' 'go away, you dick' Harry says. Huh, how does he gets here? Jake walks away very angry. 'It's okay sis' Louis says while he is still holding me. 'Erm, are you okay?' Harry asks. 'I think so' I say while a tear rolls down my face. Harry wipes it away. 'Lets go back' Louis says. we go back to our table. 'Jess, we can go home if you want' Lou says. 'No, no, its your day' and we stay. then it's time for bootcamp. 'Well I see you later' I say to the boys. 'But, your alone now, you can't stay here' Louis says. 'No, that's okay.' 'No, it's not! after Jake kissed you I won't leave you alone, what if he comes back?' 'Lou, its alright. Just go now' 'but Louis grabs my hand and takes me backstage. He walks to a man who is working backstage. 'Is it possible my sister can stay here?' 'No, I'm sorry, she has to wait in the waitingroom.' 'But sir, she's very special, and she was almost raped by a scary boy.' Harry says. 'And I think you are her boyfriend, that's why she is so special?' 'erm, no sir, but can she stay here? please?' '*sighs* okay she can stay here' the man says. after sing and dance lessons and alot of auditions the judges comes and tells the boys who are through, and who are not. After alot of names Simon stops telling who are through. They aren't through. THEY AREN'T THROUGH! omg why? they were so good. I walk to the room with all the dissapointed boys. Then I see Harry's little grey Beanie. The boys are talking with eachother. you can see the dissapointment in their eyes. I see so many sad boys that I become sad myself too. In the corner is a cute blonde boy crying. And I see the guy I saw on X factor before. Wasn't his name Liam? I hug Louis and Harry. I see tears in Harry's eyes. Then a man comes and asks Louis and Harry to come with him. He also walks to the cute blonde boy, Liam, and another boy with black hair and the 5 boys walk to another room. 'What's this?' I say to myself.

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