That Boy

This story is about a girl named Jessica. She's got a big brother who is Louis Tomlinson. Jessica is during the story falling in love with Louis' best friend, Harry. but there is someone who doesn't like Harry... I hope you like it :) Xx


2. Isn't He Lovely

When we walk to the table I put the cokes in the table. 'Hi guys, I'm Harry'. 'Hi mate I'm Louis' 'oh so you are Jessica's brother?' 'yes I am, are you going to audition too?' 'yes, and I'm so nervous.' 'yeah me too!' Louis and Harry continue talking and Jake starts to talk to me. I don't like Jake but I have to respect him, for my brother. 'Who is he?' Jake asks. 'His name is Harry, he said that, you remember?' I say. 'yeah I know but how do you know him?'. 'Oh we just met.' 'I don't like him, he looks arrogant' Jake says. 'Omg what did you say? that's so mean you don't even know him, and he's very sweet to me!' I say very angry. 'okay, okay I'm sorry but don't kiss him, he isn't worth it.' omg I'm so done with Jake, I don't know how Louis can be friends with him! ugh. Harry's mom and stepdad come to our table. 'You already made friends?' Harry's mother asks. 'haha yes, they are very nice'. a lady walks to our table and says that it's Harry's turn to audition. 'good luck!' Louis says to Harry. 'Thanks mate' than Harry walks to me. 'Do you want to come with me to the audition? cause you make me feel comfortable. you can watch backstage, and Louis and his friend can come too.' 'yeah I would love that!, but is your mom okay with that?' 'yeah she's the best mom, I may do anything' he says with a smile. 


when we are backstage Harry hugs his mom and she gives him a kiss on his cheek. Harry walks on the stage and I can see that he's nervous cause he's shaking a bit. 'what is your name?' Simon asks. 'I'm Harry Styles'. 'okay and what you gonna sing for us?'. 'isn't she lovely' 'okay good luck' Harry starts to sing and his voice is so wonderfull. It's perfect and sweet.'  'Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderfull.' Harry sings when he looks straight into my eyes. I start to smile. and then he stops singing. the jury are talking a bit and then they say he is through! Harry walks of the stage and hugs his mom. He gives Lou an high five and then hugs me too. his arms are so strong and powerfull. 'He can't sing.' Jake whispers in my ear. I look to him with an angry face. then it's time for Louis to audition. I give him a big hug and say that he will go through. then Harry wants to walk away but Louis says; 'Harry do you want to stay please? you have to take care of my sister' 'yeah sure' Harry says and Louis winks at me. Jake looks very angry, he still doesn't like Harry. Louis starts to sing and my hands are shaking, I really hope he gets through. Harry grabs my hand so it stops shaking. I look to him and smile, he smiles back. and then Simon says... congratulations Louis, you are through! Louis runs to me and hugs me and lifts me up in the air. We are so happy. 'Thanks for taking care of my sister, mate' Louis says to Harry. 'you're welcome' and they laugh. 

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