The Escape - Harry Styles

How did two innocent people end more than 100 miles away from home?
Fey Moloney on 18 had certainly never thought that she would be one of them. Despite the fact that she used to live a normal college-life in London, it passed every expectation. All because of a single decision she took - breaking up with her boyfriend.
She never expected that one decision could change her life completely. That her ex-boyfriend would set up a plan to get revenge. He just didn't think that one of his own players would go to the opposite side.
When the unknown boy, Harry Styles, offers Fey a ride home, she had no idea what's waiting her.
She had for everything in the world at least not anticipated, that it would all end up with a several weeks long trip across meadow and mountain in England. *Harry Styles is not famous*


2. Prologue


”Do you trust me?” He asked, looking straight into my eyes, sending goosebumps all over my body. I couldn't help but bite my lower lip while I moved my head a bit from his. But as soon as I tried to do it, his grip around my wrists became stronger and he moved forward to face me again.

”Do you trust me, Fey?” He asked again, and this time I pulled myself together to give him the answer. ”No.”

He looked away from me, smiling a bit which made me confused and scared. More scared than I already was. I felt like I wanted to run, but I knew if I tried, Harry would get me. He was faster, stronger and he always knew what came next. I just did things, lived the moment, not prepared for anything.

The goosebumps kept running through my body, making me shake. My wrists were paralysed and I couldn't really move. My eyes were stuck at Harry's smile, that suddenly disappeared.

He looked determined in my eyes while he moved his whole body closer to mine. I wanted to scream that he should leave me alone, but I couldn't. Instead I just sat, staring at him while he leaned his face closer to mine, until it was directly in front of me. I could feel his breath against my lips. His forehead against mine. His nose touching mine.

I didn't know what to do. Every cell in my body froze, my heart was beating so fast, and my breath became heavier. On one hand I felt dizzy and sick, but at the same time I had a special feeling running through my body while he stared into my eyes. A feeling no one ever had made me get before. A feeling only Harry could give me.

I could still feel my body shake as I looked him in the eyes. They were so beautiful. He was beautiful. But now he scared me. His mysterious behaviour freaked me out. I didn't know him at all. I had spent the last 24 hours with him, and he had barely said anything to me. It was weird and scary.

We could both feel the tense atmosphere in the car. Nobody said anything. Only the sound of our breaths played in my ears and sent me so many unknown feelings through my body.
I knew how close Harry's lips were on mine, and I couldn't describe the urge to touch them.
Like Harry knew what ran through my mind, he took the last step so his lips just touched mine a bit. But it was enough to make my heart beat fast and completely out of control. Of course I didn't have feelings for him, and all these tensions seemed so confused. I didn't know what it was, nor where it came from. It just happened.
Harry didn't exactly kissed me. His lips were just placed slightly on mine. I could slowly feel his breath against my lips as he opened his mouth.

”Do you trust me?” He repeated, loosing his grip around my wrists, making me relaxing a bit. In that moment I knew that he wanted me to trust him. He wanted to help me. He wanted to be there for me. He wanted to create safe. And I couldn't really feel anything but safe with Harry even though I didn't know him at all. I just had a feeling. A feeling I had to trust right now, like I had to trust him.



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