The Escape - Harry Styles

How did two innocent people end more than 100 miles away from home?
Fey Moloney on 18 had certainly never thought that she would be one of them. Despite the fact that she used to live a normal college-life in London, it passed every expectation. All because of a single decision she took - breaking up with her boyfriend.
She never expected that one decision could change her life completely. That her ex-boyfriend would set up a plan to get revenge. He just didn't think that one of his own players would go to the opposite side.
When the unknown boy, Harry Styles, offers Fey a ride home, she had no idea what's waiting her.
She had for everything in the world at least not anticipated, that it would all end up with a several weeks long trip across meadow and mountain in England. *Harry Styles is not famous*


3. Chapter 1 ~ Fey



~ Fey ~

As any normal teenager I find myself in a middle of a class a Monday morning. I'm tired and don't really listen to the teacher. Though my eyes are staring at the big blackboard, I don't register what she is writing on it. It's just numbers, numbers, numbers in the infinite.

Usually I like Math. It's one of my favorite subjects. I'm good at Math. I get good grades, and I'm always willing to answer the questions that the teacher asks.

But for some reasons it has been different the whole week. I've been stuck in my own thoughts. Somehow it feels like they're eating me alive. It's horrible. When I lay in my bed in the middle of the night I can't stop thinking. Thinking about him.

That's also the reason that I've finally made a choice, so I can get back to my normal life again, where I can sleep, follow classes and just be fully awake.

The truth is that I'm thinking too much about my boyfriend. Way too much. And definitely not in the good way. So now I have made a decision – I'm breaking up with him. I want to make it clear that we're not the match. That he is not the guy for me.

I'm the quiet, stubborn girl, holding myself in the background, while he's the guy that plays on the school's Rugby-team and has tons of girls after him. He takes to a lot of parties or hang out with his snooty friends. Sometimes he forgets about me.

On the other hand, he's also an amazing boyfriend. We have been together for almost a year, and I have definitely feel like a princess sometimes. He treats me very good when we're alone but as soon as his friends are near us, it's completely different. That's what I'm so tired of. He cares more about his popularity than me.

It's not like I'm crying and dying over it. Actually I'm relieved. I have had thoughts about breaking up with Keith for a while now, but now I really got my mind clear. Since I am pretty busy with my school I don't really have time for him. And beside that, like him, I'd rather spend time with my friends.

The class is finally over and as always, I follow with Beatrice to our lockers. She's one of my best friends since kindergarten. I really love to have her by my side, knowing she will always stay there.

“So, you're sure it's the right thing to do?” She asks and raises an eyebrow. I nod, smiling slowly. “I'm sure.” I repeat decisively. “Just be careful. There's something scary about him.” She states and I laugh even though she seems serious.

We get to our lockers and lay our books in them. After that, we find our way to the big canteen were I already can see Keith sit with his usual group of people. Some of them are nice, but most of them are snooty and stupid. Some of them don't understand why Keith would pick a girl like me. They don't know me at all so I don't really listen to them. And as long as Keith hasn't listen to them either, he must disagree which only makes me happy.

Beatrice and I walk over to the table where people sit and talk. I let my eyes glance them and slowly bite my lower lip, when I can feel people stare at us. It's not because I'm shy. Sometimes people just stare at me like I'm dirt. I don't really belong to this type of people, I'm much aware of that.

Most of Keith's friends looks like each other. The hair. The builds. The harsh attitude. Only one person stands out. I haven't really talked to him before. Only some small words to be politely. But I know his name is Harry. Harry Styles.

He stands out of the crowd because of his hair and the more slender building. The big, brown curls is not to avoid, and if you don't he's on the school's Rugby-team, you wouldn't guess it. Besides that, he doesn't has the same attitude as the other boys. Not even close. He doesn't say so much. Actually he just sits and stares out in the air, like he's in a completely different World. It makes me a little curious. He seems mysterious and different.

Yet I haven't pulled myself together to talk with him, even though we have four subjects togehter and my boyfriend was his good friend.

The problem is that Keith hates if I talk with other boys, and that thought won't go away when I finally do it. That is also the reason that I'm not really popular among boys. Sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing with Keith. We met at a party at Beatrice's friends, and at that time I clearly found him more interesting.

I notice that I just stand and stare at Harry Styles, and apparently he also has notice, because a little smile is placed on his lips. A pair of dimpes are showing on his marked face, while he slowly lift his hand to ran it through his hair, giving me a weird feeling in the stomach.

“Fey.” Beatrice mumbels to me, so I look at her. She has raised her eyebrows, clearly wating for me to do something. And with that I turn my face around to look at Keith.

Keith.” I say calm which makes him look at me with his dark blue eyes. “Morning babe.” He greets and smiles. “Can we talk?” I ask a bit serious and ignore the people around us that are looking. Keith just looks at me and then shrug rejecting. “Talk.”

I can't help but being annoyed. I hate when he does that. It's so typical him. “Under four eyes?” I say in a harsh tone, which make him sigh. Finally he stands up and walk over to me. “Then come.” He takes my wrist hardly, and I have to bite my lip to igore the pain. It really hurts. He has done it before, but I'm sure it's not on purpose. That's the reason I don't say anything to him.

In silence we find an empty classroom. I'm relieved when Keith is pulling away from me. He locks the door to the classroom, which make me raise my eyebrows a bit but I don't comment on anything. I just lean my body up against the teacher's desk and wait for Keith to look at me.

Of course he wants to provoke me by sitting on a table and look at me, completely uninterested. I purse my lips and look down until I choose to clear my throat. The insicure side of me takes a little bit over, but I finally get myself pulled together.

What's the problem?” Keith asks shortly. I run a through my hair, looking confident and sigh. “Us.” He raises his eyebrows and something in his eyes change really fast. “Us?” He repeats with a little voice. I nod.

Keith, we are falling apart. Don't tell me you can't feel it.” I mumble the last and avoid his glare. It is just hard since his eyes are glaring me. He looks mad. Really mad.

“You're breaking up with me?” He asks, though it sounds like a statement. I didn't answer, expecting that will be an answer to him.

“Instead of just talking about the problems, you want to break up with me?” He says with a cold voice that gives me goosebumps and makes me a little uncomfortable. “What is there to talk about?” I hear myself ask about. “You have your life, I have my own. There's nothing to talk about.”

He narrows his eyes at me and doesn't show any emotion at all. Despite that, I know he's mad.

“Fey, what are you saying? You are a part of my life.” He states. “Please stop. I don't wanna listen to it.” I mumble and shake my head. “And what's that supposed to mean?” Keith asks angrily and takes a step forward, which make me want to take one backward. But there's a desk behind me, and my feet are glued to the floor.

I can feel my breath become heavier when I look at Keith. Of course I have seen him mad before, but not like this and it scares me. His face is like stone, his eyes are dark and his entire body is tense – like he wants to attack me.

“That it's not true.” I finally say. He snorts offended. “I have fucking done everything for you. I've been there for you. Helped with your little brother. I have heard you cry for several hours because your alcoholic-mother is on rehab. Don't you think you owe me something at all?” He hisses through clenched teeth.

I bite the inside of my cheek. Keith really knows how to make me weak. He knows that I have been through a lot with my mother, so using her against me is so disrespectful.

“Leave my mother out of this!” I snap, finding my strength again. He smiles sarcastic and grasps my wrist, making me gasp nervously. My heart is beating fast in my chest, and I feel like I can't breathe. Even though I know Keith will never hurt me, I'm scared. His behaviour is freaking me out.

“If you're breaking up with it's completely over, Fey. Completely.” He says with a quiet voice, looking cold and sternly in my eyes. I gulp and try to ignore the chills on my body. Looking Keith in the eye, I open my mouth to answer. “It's just too bad.”

I'm looking for an expression in his face but I see nothing. He doesn't shows any emotion at all. There's nothing.

He blinks a couple of time with his eyes, before letting go of my wrist. I take a quick look at it and notice a big, red market from his fingers. It's warm and painful. But I don't say anything to it, as usual.

Keith glances cold at me, running a hand through his short, blonde hair. “Trust me, you're gonna regret this.” He emphasizes with a raised index finger.

And that is the last thing he says to me, before leaving the classroom again. I stare shocked after him and letting out a big breath, not knowing I have hold until now.

I'm very relieved and feel so much better now. The things he said to me, doesn't scare me any more because I know it's empty threats. He has threatened me before, but nothing happened so why now?

After a couple of minutes I pull myself together and leave the classroom too. I'm surprised when I meet a person outside the door. So surprised that my heart pops up in my throat. “Oh my God, he looked so mad!” Beatrice is exclaiming loudly, making a few people look at us. I notice she points on one of the blue lockers, so I look in the same direction as her finger is pointing. The locker got a big bulge. I hear myself mumble some incomprehensible things, while I bite my lower lip at the sight.

I know Keith has a big temperament and I really hate when he lets the bad take control. Which it apparently does right now.

But I don't have to care about it more. I don't expect that we will be friends after this break-up. He's not a part of my life any more, and I'm not a part of his. I'm just completely done with him.

Or... at least that was what I thought.




So this is the first chapter of The Escape, and I hope you like it. Please bare with me if there's mistakes, I'm from Denmark and this is my first fan fic on English. Though, I have my Irish friend reading before publishing, so I hope it's ok.

Let me know what you think :-)

Izabell xx

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