Losing Grip On Reality

Two different worlds collide, when Isabella Swan has to go undercover to investigate Jasper Whitlock. Can she keep up the lies or will her true identity be revealed? Are they both losing their grip on the reality? J/B AH


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


My name is Jasper Whitlock, and I’m one of the youngest Mob Bosses of the world. I took over my father’s place after his and my mother’s murder. I was eighteen at the time, but I know this is something my father wanted.

The first thing I did was avenge my parents’ death. I personally pulled the trigger, and everybody in our world knew that I meant business.

In the eleven years I’ve been boss, nobody ever dared to cross me, or almost nobody. There are still those stupid cops. They really think I would be stupid enough to leave evidence behind.

They repeatedly barge in all of my properties and businesses in the hope of finding some evidence of my illegal side businesses, but their problem is that I try to keep my well-known businesses legal, so the cops don’t have anything on me.

Of course they didn’t keep it that way. After the umpteenth time barging in without finding anything, they went for another approach and sent in some undercover cops. The first couple of months they could fool me, but then they started to make mistakes, and that’s the moment when their cover was blown.

I have to be honest; the last two undercover cops did very well. It took me almost a year to discover their real identity. I have to say, if it wasn’t for the stupid slipping up of the bitch, they would still be alive and working for me.

Bree and James—or Victoria and Diego, as their real names apparently were—were like the modern Bonnie and Clyde. They were selling drugs in one of my areas and one of my dealers reported it to me. When I wanted to confront them, the girl flirted with me, and I took them in. I didn’t trust them at first, but day by day they gained my trust.

They sold my stuff and brought the cash back. I gave them their share. Eventually I gave them more responsibilities. That was my stupid mistake, I realize now.

I didn’t know it at first, but some things started to change. There was always something wrong with the jobs they did. Sometimes they lost drugs, or other times they told us that the cops were on their heels. Each time they had a reasonable excuse for their mistakes, so I never questioned them.

Until last week when I called Bree to my office. She always did what I told her. James was her husband, but if I wanted her to give me a blow job, she would get down on her knees immediately. After she satisfied me, I gave her new instructions. I also expected her husband, but he didn’t show up. And this is where the bitch made her mistake. I asked her where James was, and she answered that Diego had some other business to attend to. I didn’t know a Diego, so when I questioned her about it, she started to stammer. I called Felix and he grabbed her, so she couldn’t escape or try to trick me.

After an hour of torture, the bitch finally told us their real names and what she was doing. Her name was Victoria Biers and her partner, and husband, was Diego Biers. I gave Felix the order to get rid of both of them.

The next day we heard the news of the deaths of two respectful police officers.

Now I’m taking a look at my bar’s finances. Felix does a great job and our profit is really good. I close the books and decide to go and have a drink. When I step inside, I see Felix sitting at the bar talking to a girl. Felix inches closer to the girl, and it seems that he’s going to kiss her.

I can’t believe he’s already flirting after he broke up with Kelly last night. He knows how I feel about flirting, and kissing while on the job. I walk closer to them.

“Felix!” I yell. At the same time another guy calls for an Isabella. The girl sitting with Felix turns her head towards the screaming guy, while Felix turns to me. He nods, letting me know that he’s coming to me. I don’t know why I wanted to prevent him from kissing that girl, Isabella.

The girl nods at him and turns back to the boy.

“You know what I think of kissing girls while you are on duty, Felix,” I say to him while walking to my office.

“I wasn’t…” Felix is interrupted by yelling and we turn around to see what is happening. The whole bar is watching the scene where a woman and man are fighting.

“Let me go!” the woman screams.

I look at Felix. “Solve that.”

He nods and walks to the fighting couple. I keep watching a little bit longer before going back to my office. I sit at my desk and sigh.

Several minutes later, the door of my office opens, and Felix leads the girl inside. It looks like she got hurt during the fight with who I presume is her boyfriend.

“Boss, can she sit here, while I get ice for her arm?” he asks me. I nod and he leaves.

“Are you okay?” I ask her. She only nods and looks away. I’m checking her out. She has long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She’s wearing very little make up. I lower my gaze, and she’s dressed very sexy with a strapless top and a very short skirt. Her high heels make her already long and sexy legs, even longer.

“You can sit down,” I tell her. She looks back at me and smiles. She goes to the closest chair and sits down.

“Jasper Whitlock,” I introduce myself and I reach out my hand.

“Isabella Matthews,” she says while taking my hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

She only nods.

“What happened a few minutes ago?”

“Do you mean that nice discussion with the guy, right in the middle of the bar?” she asks. I nod and she shrugs.

“Are you going to answer the question?” I ask her when she doesn’t say a thing.

“He’s my boyfriend,” she answers like it’s nothing.

“And…” I urge her to tell me more.

“And nothing.”

“You can’t tell me that you were yelling at each other in my bar because of nothing?”

“Your bar?” She looks shocked and then she starts to blush.

“Yes, my bar.”

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes. “I didn’t mean to cause trouble.”

“You didn’t cause trouble,” I tell. “It’s just, you are sitting here with a bruised arm in my office.”

“He’s the jealous type,” she explains.

“Your boyfriend?” She nods and looks away.

“I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him, but every time I want to talk to him, he does something nice.”

“So you still didn’t get the chance to break up.”

She solemnly nods.

“It’s almost like he can feel that something is wrong and that I want to break up with him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Last week, I texted him to come see me,” she starts to explain. “When he arrived he had bought me new jewelry.”

She shows me her necklace. It’s a simple silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant.

“It looks beautiful,” I tell her.

She sighs. “It’s hard to break up with someone, when they spoil you with beautiful things.”

“Break up with him tonight,” I suggest. “It’s not like he was being that thoughtful when he grabbed your arm.”

I point to her arm, which is swelling a little bit. She looks at it.

“It doesn’t look good,” she states.

“Maybe we should go to the hospital.” She looks up shocked.


“It could be broken.”

“I don’t think so,” she says. “Anthony just forgot how strong he actually is.”

“Are you scared?” I ask when I see the fear in her eyes.

“Hospitals and me, we don’t get along that well.”

“Still, I think I should take you to the ER.” I can barely finish my sentence before Felix walks back in, carrying a self-made ice bag for Isabella’s arm.

“Sorry it took me so long,” he apologizes. “I couldn’t find a towel to keep the ice cubes together.”

He takes her arm and puts the ice bag on it. She hisses when the cold of the ice meets the heat of her arm.

“Felix,” I say, as he looks at me. “I’m going to take Isabella to the hospital.”

“Why, boss?”

“Her arm could be broken, and I don’t want to take any risks.” He nods. “You can go back to work.”

“Uh, boss…” He hesitates a few seconds. “I was done for the night.”

“What are you still doing here then?” I ask him, surprised to find him in the bar after hours.

“That’s my fault,” Isabella says. “Felix and I were talking.”

I only nod and look back at Felix. “You can go home. I can handle everything from here.”

Felix nods and leaves my office. I stand up and walk up to Isabella. I offer her my hand. She takes it and I pull her up.

“Let’s go through the back door.” I guide her to the other door in the office, and we are immediately outside. “My car is parked right at the end of this alley.” It isn’t the safest place around this neighborhood, but through this dark alley I have easy access to my club. The buildings don’t look great and I think that many of them are empty.

Isabella takes her cell phone and types a text. We get to my car and I open the passenger door for her. She gets in, and I run around the car. I look around with the feeling of being watched.

Her phone rings, and she looks at it and types an answer.

“Who is it?” I ask. She looks at me.

“Anthony,” she answers dryly. “Trying to make up with me.”

“I hope you really are breaking up with him. I hate boyfriends who abuse their girlfriends.”

Isabella looks outside and sighs. “He normally isn’t that aggressive, but lately…”

She doesn’t finish her sentence. Her hand goes to her cheek and it looks like she’s wiping away a tear.

“Are you okay?” I have this weird urge to protect her. She looks at me and nods.

“It’s just that Anthony and I have been together for so long.”

“How long have you been together?” I ask. I don’t know what is happening, but I really want to know more about this girl. I’ve never been interested in knowing a girl. I am a fuck-them-leave-them type of guy.

“Since high school.”

I’m shocked to find out that she’s been together for so long with that asshole.

She smiles when she notices my surprised look.

“Yeah, I know,” she says. “I’m surprised too, but can you blame me? When he goes down …” She doesn’t finish, but it’s obvious what she means. “He’s an amazing lover.”

“Oh, I don’t need to hear the details of your sex life,” I say.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you those details,” she assures me. “Those are private.” She ends that statement with a wink. We arrive at the hospital and I park the car as close as possible to the entrance. We get out together and walk to the reception desk. The girl behind it looks up and smiles at me.

“How can I help you?” she asks, staring at me.

You can help me, by looking for a doctor that can check my arm,” Isabella responds.

“I didn’t ask you anything,” the receptionist tells her. She turns her attention back to me. “Tell me, sir, what do you want?”

“The same as the girl next to me…” I read her nametag and the girl pushes her breasts in my face. “Jessica. A doctor.”

She huffs and starts taking papers and gives them to us. “Fill out these forms, and when a doctor is available, I will tell him that you are here.”

I take the documents, pen, and go with Isabella to the waiting area.

“Can you fill it out yourself?” I ask her when we are sitting down.

“Yeah.” She nods and takes everything from me. I watch her writing down her personal info and look at her name. Isabella Katrina Matthews. I take my phone and text her name to my best buddy, Jacob. He’ll know what to do with it.

After Isabella is done with the papers, I bring them back to the reception desk and put them down.

“Well, well, now I have you all to myself,” Jessica starts. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel good?”

I ignore her question. “Just call a doctor. That girl’s arm is possibly broken.”

I leave her standing with her mouth wide open and walk back to Isabella.

“Was she flirting again?” she asks.

 I shrug and sit down.

“You seriously don’t see the way she is pushing up her breasts and fluttering her eyelashes?” she wonders.

“Oh, I do,” I say. “I’m just not interested in a woman who opens her legs for every man that passes that desk.”

Isabella starts to laugh and shakes her head. “Oh, I totally get you. I really don’t want to know what diseases she carries.”

“A lot,” I say dryly.

“Isabella Matthews,” a doctor calls her name.

“I will wait here,” I say to her while she’s standing up to follow him. She nods and I stay behind, playing some game on my phone.

“You know,” a voice says. “I’m way hotter than the girl that is with you.”

“So,” I say without looking up. “I’m not interested.”

“I know a place that’s private enough.” I hear the girl sitting next to me and I look at her. “Come on… It’s not like she can satisfy you.”

My phone rings and I look at the caller ID. “I have to take this.” I stand up, and walk out of the hospital. “Jacob, my man.”

“Jasper, how are you?”

“I’m fine, and you?” I ask him.

“I’m good and Leah, too. Another two months and I can hold my son.” I smile. Jacob is one of my right hands. He and Leah are expecting their first child.

“Good,” I say. “What did you find out about that name sent you?”

“Well, she has a record.”

“What for?”

“Drug possession.”

I’m shocked, because Isabella doesn’t look like the drugs type of girl.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, but before you wonder if it is possible, I have more information.”

“What information?”

“The last time they arrested her was after she just got out of the hospital for an overdose. The judge gave her a choice,” Jacob explains.


“Rehab or prison.”

“Let me guess, she choose the first.”

“Yep,” Jacob answers. “She’s actually been out since the beginning of last month.”

“Wait, she is just out,” I repeat.

“Yeah,” Jacob says. “Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, she told me she’s been with her boyfriend since high school.”

“Do you have a name?” Jacob asks. I shake my head, temporarily forgetting that Jacob doesn’t see me. “Jasper?”

“No,” I answer. “I don’t have his name. Aren’t there any names in her file?”

“The only name is Anthony Masen.”

“What can you find about him?” I’m looking through the glass door into the hospital. Jessica isn’t sitting in the waiting room anymore, but back at her desk.

“Apparently, he isn’t an angel either,” Jacob states. “He has several charges against him. Abuse, drugs, assault and battery, and so on.”

“Wow, it looks like Isabella falls for the bad guys.”

“Oh, but he’s the only one in her life apparently. She must be in love with him, because the cops asked her to give him up and tell them everything about him.”

“And did she?” I ask him.

“No, because she ended up in rehab, while Anthony was fucking other girls.”

“How do you know that?” I ask, wondering how he finds such information.

“The information about rehab, I found in both their files. The interrogation is documented and she refused to give any names. The cops knew she wasn’t her own boss. The information that he’s fucking someone else…” Jacob stops talking.

“Yes?” I encourage him to tell me more.

“That last one, I’m guessing.”

“So, it’s not sure he cheats on her?” I ask Jacob.

“No, but I cannot tell you anymore. That’s all I’ve got for now.”

“That’s enough,” I say. “Thanks, dude.”

I hang up the phone and walk back inside. Jessica comes from behind her desk and walks up to me.

“Come on…” She takes my arm and pulls me somewhere. She opens a door and pulls me inside. She closes the door and begins to kiss me. Her tongue asks for entrance and I give her access. She fumbles with my belt buckle and tries to open it. Then she lowers my zipper and pulls down my pants and boxers. She stops kissing and crouches. She looks up through her lashes, licks her lips and then puts her mouth on my hard cock.

“God,” I moan.


I walk out of the small closet while re-buttoning my pants and buckling my belt. It was a nice release, but I’ve had better blow jobs in my life. I arrive in the waiting room, pick up a magazine and wait for Isabella to come back.

“You look like you just had sex,” a voice states. I look up to see Isabella smirking at me. Feeling a little bit guilty, I look back at her and she starts to laugh. “Oh, you don’t have to look guilty, I’m not your girlfriend. I only hope you wrapped your cock.”

“I didn’t put my cock in her thing… I didn’t want to take the risk.”

“Oh, God,” Isabella shrieks. “I really didn’t want to hear that.”

“You asked for it,” I laugh. She looks shocked, but eventually she starts laughing with me. I look at her arm. “What is the verdict?”

“It’s bruised, but not broken,” she explains. “I have to wear this bandage for a couple of days.”

“That’s good.” I smile standing up and we walk out of the hospital. Jessica winks at me and gestures at me to call her. Isabella starts to laugh and I throw the paper that Jessica gave me in the first dustbin that we pass.

“Oh, she will be so disappointed if you don’t call her,” Isabella pouts.

“Isabella,” I say sternly. “Stop teasing me.”

“Izzy,” she says.


“Friends call me Izzy.”

I smile at her.

“Izzy,” I say. “Stop teasing me.”

“Oh, but you asked for it.”


“Getting a blow job from that bitch,” she exclaims. “Who knows where her mouth has been.”

I hadn’t even thought about that, but now I am. I shudder.

“I think I’m going to take one long shower, when I’m home.”

Izzy starts to laugh. “I hope it is enough.”

We arrive at the car and we get in.

“Where to, my lady?” I ask her.

“Eighth Avenue,” she answers. I start to drive and leave the parking lot.

The car ride home is filled with small talk, and I get to know Isabella Matthews a little bit better. She doesn’t talk about her drug use, but I think she’s ashamed of it. Her cell rings and she takes it out of her purse.

“God damn it…”

“What is it?”

“It’s Anthony,” she whispers. “He wants to meet me.”

“Let him come,” I say. She looks shocked at me. “It’s easier to break up with him when you’re face to face.”

“I’m not sure,” she mumbles. “Most of the time he tries to get in bed with me.”

“You have to be strong.” I drive onto the street she gave me. “What number do you live in?”

“8359,” she answers while typing a text to Anthony. I’m looking for her house number. I find it and notice she lives in one of the expensive buildings of this neighborhood. Apparently, she has a lots of money, otherwise she can’t afford this place. The neighborhood, itself isn’t that bad either. I park the car and look at her.

“Here we are,” I tell her. She looks outside and then back at me.

“Thank you for the ride.” She inches closer and kisses my cheek.

“Can I have your phone number?” I suddenly ask. She looks at me and nods. She gives me her phone and I start punching my number. I save it and call it immediately. My phone rings and I hang up. I give her phone back and she punches some keys. Then she holds her phone up and I hear a clicking sound.

She smiles. “Now I also have photo ID when you call me.”

I smile back at her and take my phone and take a picture of her. “Now I have your picture as photo-ID.”

“I have to go inside,” she says. “Anthony will arrive soon.”

I nod and she gets out of the car. My jealous side comes up and I hope that bastard doesn’t touch her anymore. I start the car again and drive away.

A few minutes later I park the car across the street and watch her door. Several minutes later, the guy from the bar walks up to her building and steps inside.

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