Won't let go

NAME: veronica AGE:17 ,.......I live in maine with my abusive father, im an only child and my mom died in a plane crash when I was 5. .......veronica is a normal average 17 year old only she isn't, shes abused and she doesn't do anything to stop it, she goes to school in maine Canada and she meets 5 boys who will change her life, particularily one....


3. Secrets and lies

later that day at lunch time I ran into harry again, hey I say. hey he says in his goofiest voice ever trying to be cool. I burst out laughing and he immediately turns red and ruffles his hands through his curls, haha sorry that was ummm.... stupid? I cut him off. yeah haha I guess so. why don't you come eat with me and the lads today he says confidently. that would be great ,I say in return. he engulfs my shoulders with his long muscular arm and guides me into the cafeteria. first we go up to a line and get our lunch trays, miso soup, sourdough rolls, and mango slices. uummm I say excitedly as I reach for mine. then harry weeves his way through the towering crowds of teens bobbling about the lunch tables. we finally stop at a large circular table with a red cloth over it and 4 boys sitting around it stuffing their faces, then I recognize him, Liam! I say enthusiastically ,,he looks up from his soup and its still dripping down his chin and his cheeks are stuffed, haallooo vvaaarroonncaaa he mumbles with a full mouth. I laugh at how awkward this must be for him, lads this is veronica, I assume you have already met liam judging by your cheerfull greeting he says in a rather deep voice as if angered. yes weve met I believe is all I can choke out between fits of laughter because now liam has started trying to choke down his food so he can speak. harry introduces me to the other three boys, Louis who was wereing a whight t-shirt and a grey cardigan with grey pants on as well, zayn who was wereing a black leather jacket over a graffiti tank, and niall who had on a purple shirt with the nandos symbol on it. shall we sit harry says in a peppy gayish voice that makes niall choke on his roll.after getting to know the other boys, eating delicious food, and making real friends the bell finally rang signaling for us to go to class. liam comes with me since were both in science next and I notice the other guys smiling and making weird faces at him wich made me feel really awkward.

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