Won't let go

NAME: veronica AGE:17 ,.......I live in maine with my abusive father, im an only child and my mom died in a plane crash when I was 5. .......veronica is a normal average 17 year old only she isn't, shes abused and she doesn't do anything to stop it, she goes to school in maine Canada and she meets 5 boys who will change her life, particularily one....


2. First day

    Veronicas P.O.V

         i reach for the door and pull it open. the inside is even more spectacular that the outside, it has deep blood red carpets and stone walls with heavy drapes on the side of the large stain glass window.when you walk in there is a large carpeted stair case leading to a second level and has a dark wooden banister with small lights intertwined with its design. i stood there for a few moment gazing at the sight but was quickly knocked out of my thoughts my someone ramming into me. i look down to see all my stuff scattered on the ground, my books, my papers, my schedule and my pencils. my cheeks turned a bright shade of red as people around me started to laugh. the boy that ran into me immediately turned around and apologized. he had dark brown eyes and short brown hair and a superman shirt on. hi I'm Liam and this is my clumsy arm, pointing to his arm. I'm veronica nice to meet you? here let me help you with that and he knelt down and started picking up my papers. hey! we have the same schedule, he said as he handed me my stack of papers and books. i guess i'll be seeing you around then, i say as i walk away. i turn back around and see him standing there staring at me. i felt a bit bad but i couldn't be slowed down by a random kid. i found my way to my locker and started to putt my books away. as i closed my locker door i let out a small scream because a tall curly haired boy stood there. he had dark brown hair and green eyes and was wearing a cheeky smile. ummm hello? i say. hi I'm harry he says in a heavy british accent. nice to meet you harry but i really must get to class now ok? maby ill see you later then i say as i walk quickly down the hall. i reach a tall door that has the word DRAMA carved into it. i place my hand on the cold handle and turn it slowly. as i walk in everyone is staring at me weirdly. i then remember i had history first and i turned another dark shade of red and i scooted out of the room awkwardly. once I'm out i let out a huge breath and slump to the floor. i quickly grab my bag and sprint down the corridor and burst into the history class room. mrs.mason you are late my teacher snaps at me as i scramble to my seat. sorry i had the wrong class i say as i look down and blush again. well lets hope it doesn't happen again she says coldly and sits back in her chair. i feel someone tap my shoulder and i turn around to see Liam. he hands me a folded piece of paper taped to......"my schedule". i give him a small smile and turn back to the teacher. i unfold the paper and read it.  "Sorry about this morning and you dropped your schedule when you left, you seem like a nice girl, call me sometime (963-474-8374)......P.S. you look really pretty<3"  i cant help but smile at the note and i turn around and hand him one saying "its fine and i will definitely call you!!! (374-374-3849)  P.S. you dont looks so bad yourself superman". a few seconds later i hear him laugh and i start to giggle too. the teacher was about to say something but her words were cut off by the loud bell. i jumped out of my seat and ran out of the class room laughing. half way down the hall i felt a hand grab my shoulder, i spun around and came face to face with Liam.  hey i was just wondering if ummm you uuhhh were maybe kinda interested in going on a umm a date with me? i literally froze dead right in my tracks. umm i cant, i say. why not he says looking rather disappointed. well im not sure I have time to date right now and I just met you, im sorry I say awkwardly and walk away slowly, he shoots me a sad puppy dog look and pouts his lip and slumps away dramatically causing me to grin.








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