Won't let go

NAME: veronica AGE:17 ,.......I live in maine with my abusive father, im an only child and my mom died in a plane crash when I was 5. .......veronica is a normal average 17 year old only she isn't, shes abused and she doesn't do anything to stop it, she goes to school in maine Canada and she meets 5 boys who will change her life, particularily one....


1. Falling

Veronicas P.O.V

       My eyes flash open and i grip the sides of my bed. the memories from last night replay themselves in my head causing me to panic. the room is dark and filled with the smell of rotten food. VERONICA my dads voice booms from down stairs. i scramble to my feet and slip on a pair of jeans and a grey T-shirt. as i slip my dirty top off i stop to stare at the large bruises decorating my stomach. tears suddenly fill my eyes but i blink them away quickly as the door swings open revealing my drunk father. what the hell is taking you so long he yells at me swinging his fist forward but missing completely. I'm sorry i just woke up late i guess. is all i could manage out of my sore body. i meet him outside. My door and we walk down stairs once we reach the bottom i can see the house is unusually tidy, after a cereal breakfast i go to my room and take a quick shower, putt on some short denim shorts, a creme colored sweater with dark orange leaf prints on the bottom and some brown ankle boots. i dry my hair and let it form into natural soft, blonde curls. i apply a small amount of makeup and paint my nails the same cream color as my sweater. i grab my small brown backpack and my camera. i left a sticky note on the fridge saying i left for school and dashed out the door. the chilly fall weather is perfect and the neighborhood we live in is surrounded by large oak trees that are assorted colors and the ground is dotted with beautiful orange and yellow leaves. its hard to understand why someone so bad can live somewhere so good.  my high school is only about 4 miles from my neighborhood so i walk everyday. its not like my dad would drive me anyway. today is my first day of my senior year. its a new school also because we just moved here, my dad got a job at a car shop not to far from here. 

as i approach the large stone building that looks like an old castle i cant help but stare as people flood through the two large wooden doors.

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