Bitchs get stiches.....and eventually burn in ditchs(:

Chicks need to grow up ,I mean come on! If you're gunna say something about someone, please for the sake of the people say it to their damn faces!


1. Drama in that chicks life.

I'm so sick and tired of those bitches who think people care! Omg I like this boy ,but he is popular and rich so he doesn't like me.....oh my goshhh! Did you hear what that chick just said about you?!?!? Omg are you gunna like kick her ass?? Wow, I think he likes my braces, that's what so and so told me....Just letting the people who type shit like that are NOT liked!!!! Im not the only person who hates people like this! I'm done with the 5th grade drama ! Grow the fuck up or move the fuck away ! And next time you wanna say something about me or a fellow classmate of mine you better watch what you say..... I'm not afraid of you just cuz you look like sasquatch and way as much as a whale. You couldn't hurt a fly. And just cuz you look like a man doesn't mean you hit like a man hunny,just delete the dang diary and we'll be good! (:

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