The first rule of the bro code is to never fall for your best friends sister.
But what happens when Niall meets Harry's younger sister Victoria.
Niall has never felt this way towards somebody and when he meets Victoria, his stomach does a loop and he can't explain the feeling. Victoria finds the feeling mutual but she's too scared to admit she's deeply and madly in love with Niall Horan. Harry on the other hand is an overprotective brother who would slit your throat if you were to ever hurt his baby sister.

Can Niall and Victoria find a way to love each other but on the other hand keep it from Harry


4. Unexpected



Chapter 4:


 First date:




 Victoria's p.o.v:

            I woke up wrapped in Niall's arms I smiled and rested my head on his chest for a moment before getting up. I heard Niall groan as i struggled out of his grasp. "good morning babe." i smiled "Good morning, come on, get up." He jumped out of bed and wrapped his arms around me. He tried to kiss my cheek but i turned round and he kissed me on the lips instead.Then we started snogging. he brooke away "Come on we got a get dressed." I grabbed a pair of ripped skinny jeans a mint green  T-shirt and my converse boots and walked to the bathroom to shower and change. " I tried playing it cool" i sang while showering. "but boy when im looking at you I can never be brave cause you make my heart race" I stepped out of the shower and into my clothes. I dried my hair and left it in it's curls. I don't wear makeup i like the natural look, so i was ready to leave. I walked out to find all the boys standing in the room smiling. "Is there something wrong?" "Victor! why didn't you tell us you could sing?" I blushed at louis remark. "Because i can't" "bull" harry yelled. "love, your spectacular" Niall said. The boys nodded. " You should open up for us at our next concert" Liam asked. My face probably looked like a tomato.  "Victor, please open for us? please please please." louis jumped up and down begging." I don't think ii'm just allowed to do that." "You are Victoria you sound stunning, just like the boys, you've got that spark" who said that?  oh wait they can't hear my thoughts."did you hear that?" i asked aloud. "Oh yeah, So uncle Si what did you think?" harry said grabbing his phone off the table and putting it to his ear."Put it on speaker hazza" zayn pleaded. "One moment Si." Harry set the phone back down and hit speaker. "Victoria?" simon asked looking for me to answer. "yes" "Victoria, i was wondering if you would come meet me to discuss some things about your talent. you have a real knack for singing and i need to hear you in person a mobile device doesn't quite capture beauty." "Um, ok. anywhere you want." I'll come by your's later this week. I'll be bringing a few friends to, is that alright?" "Of course" "Ok then see you soon"



 Niall's p.o.v


            I couldn't believe how phenomenal Victoria's voice was.She was amazing and she didn't even believe it. Once i heard her singing i grabbed the other boys and they all agreed. We were so activated by her voice we didn't notice her come out of the bathroom. "Is there something wrong?" why would she think that. I looked around well we are starring at her kind of weird. We told her how much we loved her voice and she talked to uncle Si on the phone.I was so happy for her.



Louis's p.o.v


          Victor had a secret talent and she never told me, well she never sang to me. She's gonna meet with Si and she might get a record deal! i hope she does, she deserves it. Her and Niall have been getting pretty close lately he must of finally made his move. He better be good to her or me and harry will hurt him. I'm curious to why she was hesitant when Zayn asked if she had ever been in love. I'll ask her later. 


Harry's p.o.v:


           I have never heard Victoria sing before, she's great. She's gonna Meet Uncle Si! This will be awesome. I'll text our mom and tell her what happened. I wish Victoria didn't move out of our mom's house. 


  Victoria's p.o.v


       Well, the day has had a good start so far. After the boy's told me i could sing-which i don't believe-  they all walked downstairs and left me to myself. I heard someone walk upstairs and i ignored it. I should of turned because i felt someone jump on me.  I looked up. "LOUIS!" I screamed trying to get him off of me. As i struggled I didn't realize i was so close to the edge of the bed and 'bam' i fell on my side on the floor. "Victor, i so sworry" Louis said with puppy dog eyes as he got off the bed offering me a hand. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. "Anyway's Eleanor called her, perrie , and Danielle are all going shopping and they wanted to know if you would join them?" "Sure, i'd love a girl's day out." He smiled "Ok, get ready i'll go tell text them." he walked downstairs. "TIME TO GO  i heard louis scream.  I stuck my phone in my pocket threw on a Purple Jack Wills hoodie that I stole from Harry, and went downstairs. Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle were giving their boyfriends a kiss before getting in the car. I felt someone wrap their arm's around my waist as i was walking towards the car. "Bye, baby" Niall whispered kissing me on the cheek. "bye" i smiled before getting in the car an driving to the mall.







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