The first rule of the bro code is to never fall for your best friends sister.
But what happens when Niall meets Harry's younger sister Victoria.
Niall has never felt this way towards somebody and when he meets Victoria, his stomach does a loop and he can't explain the feeling. Victoria finds the feeling mutual but she's too scared to admit she's deeply and madly in love with Niall Horan. Harry on the other hand is an overprotective brother who would slit your throat if you were to ever hurt his baby sister.

Can Niall and Victoria find a way to love each other but on the other hand keep it from Harry


2. Getting to know the boy's



Getting to know the boy's


  Victoria's p.o.v:

  "so, anything planned?" i asked harry. "hmm'" he replied. "well, i was thinking we go out to nando's, and maybe have a swim?" "sure" the rest of the boy's said in unison. I grabbed my phone and bag off the counter and we all went to nando's.

         When we were walking to our seat's in Nando's our waitress came glaring at me."well, this'll be fun." i said rolling my eye's. "so, Victoria, how old are you?" Niall asks me as we got seated. Niall and Harry sat on either side of me.Louis sat on Harrys other side,Zayn sat next to Niall and liam. "im, 18. hey everyone let's get to know each other while we wait for the waitress. we'll play 20 question's. "alright ," zayne started. " Have you ever been in  love?" i bit my lip. i have once, but the inexcusable thing's he did to me, made me fall out of it. "umm, once." i said holding back tears. Harry was there when it happened and put his arm around my shoulder, to comfort me. "Sorry for bringing it up love." it's fine zayne." i retorted. "so, what's your favorite food?" Niall asked me. i looked up into his bright blue eyes as i answered. "well," i smiled "it's Nando's actually."  "This is my favorite too!" Niall said excitedly. "My turn"louis sing-songed. "Have you ever been skinny dipping?"he asks. "Umm, no" he look's up at me and smiles mischievously. Suddenly i didn't want to go swimming after Nando's. liam spoke up." to make this quicker, what are your favorites of everything?" this was gonna take awhile. " animal is a white tiger. Movie umm, the notebook. color, is teal and aquamarine. Book is of course the lucky series is harry potter. Song- hmm, im yours by Jason Mraz." i listed several other thing's until the food came. Everyone dug in like cannibal's.


           NIALL'S P.O.V


                          We liked the same restaurant. This was destiny. 


               When we finished eating we started for the van. Victoria started walking out when the waitress stuck out her foot. She fell on her face. I ran up and grabbed her bridal style i carried her like that to the car. I scowled at the waitress before i left."bitch" i said under my breath. I  let Victoria sit on my lap for the ride. she layed her head on my shoulder and my breath caught. She was laying on my shoulder!   "erm, harry?" "yes Niall?" "umm, i was erm, wondering if i could erm, take Victoria on a date?" Harry looked at me i saw a flash of anger cross his face. Louis put his hand on harry's shoulder. "calm down" i heard louis whisper in Harry's ear. "eermph, ok Niall i trust you but it's up to her if she want's to go. Mate she's been hurt before please don't hurt her again." I was overwhelmed with relief."Thank you so much harry." he smiled half-heartedly. 




       I started to stir and i noticed i was laying on Niall's shoulder and sitting in his lap. what's going on? "Thank you so much Harry." i heard Niall say. I groaned and stretched in Niall's lap. I wrapped my arm around his head to steady myself and he slipped his hand behind my waist. I glanced up at Harry who looked worried and agitated. How long was i asleep?



Harry's p.o.v


   I can't believe Niall is going to try and make a move with my sister. Everyone can already tell she's been through enough. They don't know what happened to her. I do, and it's my job as her brother to protect her. I'm trusting him but if he does one thing to her i swear he'll regret it. 








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