I started to write this story on an app on my iPod called Opuss, and then shared it to Pocket Writers.

A sixteen year old girl named Ana Harris is sent a mental institute. She sees and hears dark figures around her, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a very young age. Ana believes the figures are real, but unsure if she really is crazy. Her parents won't listen. They believe they're just hallucinations, and the voices are "all in her head." Ana meets a boy named Alex Amar at the institute. She felt sorry hearing about what happened to his parents.

The dark figures follow wherever she goes, she can never get away from them. And it's ruining her life. The medication doesn't stop the voices and the hallucinations. She can't escape them from tormenting her. Ana struggles with a relationship with Alex as these things keep pushing her to kill.


4. Chapter 4

I lied in the bed of my room, as every kid was through the corridor. And with every door locked to keep us from wondering around, trying to escape, and hurting other people and ourselves.
The lights went out. I sat in bed feeling a chill rise through my skin. Why was the room so cold?
I looked around in the dark, something in the shadows moved. Oh no, not again! They followed me here!
I screamed and banged on the door, "Someone!?" I peeked out the small window seeing something in the dark, it had to be a doctor. I called out again, "Hello!?" A dark face with sharp teeth and no eyes screeched at the window. I screamed in fright and fell back onto the floor. My heart thumped and my body shook. I was so scared and alone in the dark with these things!
I moved back from the shadows turning to me and leaped into bed with the blanket cover over my head with my eyes tightly shut. There, I begged for them to go away as I shivered in fear. A hand took hold of the blanket and pulled it straight off. I screamed and held back against the wall. The light in my room was on and it was only just the lady. She had a concerned look on her face.
I breathed as she rubbed my back trying to settle me down, "Everything's alright now." She asked for one of the doctors over. I saw them take a needle out, and then I backed away. The lady held my arm gently, "Hey, it's alright. It'll only help you sleep." I watched as the needle injected into my arm, and then squinted a little as it only hurt a bit. I began to feel relaxed. The lady stroked my hair as my eyes slowly closed. And then soon, I fell asleep.

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