I started to write this story on an app on my iPod called Opuss, and then shared it to Pocket Writers.

A sixteen year old girl named Ana Harris is sent a mental institute. She sees and hears dark figures around her, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a very young age. Ana believes the figures are real, but unsure if she really is crazy. Her parents won't listen. They believe they're just hallucinations, and the voices are "all in her head." Ana meets a boy named Alex Amar at the institute. She felt sorry hearing about what happened to his parents.

The dark figures follow wherever she goes, she can never get away from them. And it's ruining her life. The medication doesn't stop the voices and the hallucinations. She can't escape them from tormenting her. Ana struggles with a relationship with Alex as these things keep pushing her to kill.


3. Chapter 3

I picked at the tag around my wrist. It read my name; 'Harris, Ana.' And then my date of birth underneath; '1/1/97.'
There's these random numbers underneath that too. I'm not sure what they are for. Maybe a barcode?
I saw at the corner of my eye, someone sat down beside me. I shivered; a cold feeling rose my skin. He spoke in a husky voice, "Hey." I stopped picking at the tag. And without a word, I continued to face the floor. He spoke again, "The quiet type huh?" I looked down at his tag around his wrist, hardly to see his name on it.
He sighed, "Your parents ditch you here didn't they?"-he looked down as I watched him-"I have none." I saw he was sad. He lifted his head up again and continued, "Watched them die, and got sent here. They thought I did it." His experience was worse. All I got blamed for was killing a stray cat.
I mumbled, "Then who did it?" He looked down at me, seeing the redness in my eyes from the tears I cried, "I don't know."
His skin was a light tone, paler than any I've seen. It just matched mine. Strange to think about, but I never found anyone as pale as me. Except for the sick, and I use to be thought I was. But I'm a physically healthy sixteen year old girl.
I found the boy's name is Alex Amar. He was called over when we stood in line for our medication. I never heard of it. His surname's strange to me. Maybe his father or grandfather's from another country?

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