I started to write this story on an app on my iPod called Opuss, and then shared it to Pocket Writers.

A sixteen year old girl named Ana Harris is sent a mental institute. She sees and hears dark figures around her, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a very young age. Ana believes the figures are real, but unsure if she really is crazy. Her parents won't listen. They believe they're just hallucinations, and the voices are "all in her head." Ana meets a boy named Alex Amar at the institute. She felt sorry hearing about what happened to his parents.

The dark figures follow wherever she goes, she can never get away from them. And it's ruining her life. The medication doesn't stop the voices and the hallucinations. She can't escape them from tormenting her. Ana struggles with a relationship with Alex as these things keep pushing her to kill.


2. Chapter 2

We arrived at the mental institute. I didn't want to step out of the car. My parents were sick of my stubbornness that they pulled me out.
I struggled in their grip screaming, "No, no!" I couldn't fight them from forcing me out.
A few doctors arrived from the institute. The lady with the blonde hair tied back in a ponytail said, "We'll take it from here." My parents let them hold me. I continued to struggle and scream, "No!" The man with the dark cropped hair yelled looking at the bite in his arm I've done.
They took me in as I continued to struggle. There was no way I could escape their grip; they held my arms tightly.
I stood at the doorway seeing all other kids walk around the room. The doctors continued to take me in after the doors closed behind.
I walked through watching the other kids chat as they sat the benches against the wall. And some were walking around alone, facing the floor.
I was given white clothes to wear. I changed into the shirt and pants in a clean room. The lady took my clothes as she waited for me, and then walked me back out into the room with the other kids. I sat on the bench alone, feeling miserable. My parents left me. How could they leave me?
I felt myself fall apart and then held my hands up to my face in tears. I was all alone. Why did this have to happen?

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