Never ending love


9. Chapter 9

    " im sorry." zayn said  scratching the back of his neck. i shrugged my shoulders and smirked.
   " might as well give them what they want." i said to him smiling. he toon the hint and leaned in and kissed me again. i felt fireworks again just like i did when me and him first met. we pulled away and he smiled deeply into my eyes. i blushed and looked down. zayn suddenly got up and walked away i gave him a questionable look. he stopped in front of the garbage can and pulled out his cigerattes . he looked at them deeply and threw them away. i smiled as he made his way back to me. he held out his hand and i gladly took it. we went back to his hotel. he pulled out finding nemo from his suite case. i smiled wide since he knew it was my favorite movie. i fell asleep during the movie and woke up with my head on zayns lap i lookes up ti see his eyes closed. suddenly i hear the boys come in i quickly closed my eyes and pretend to sleep. i felt zayn move very slowly im guesing not to try to wake me up.
    " "HEY ZAYN!!" louis screamed.
   " shut up she is sleeping." zayn whispered.
   " oh sorry awhhh she is so peaceful... wait wont harry be mad?" louis asked.
   " they broke up because they wanted to be friends." zayn said to louis. 
   " she must really love you mate."
liam said. im guessing walking in. louis and some elses made a mmmhmm noise. 
   " how do you know?" zayn asked.
   " because if you put me through what you did we would have never spoken again. but some how she just seems to forgive so easily when it comes to you." niall said.
   " i really want her back. but im going to wait until she is ready because you know how the fandom is after one of the breaks up. she is going to get alot of hate if we go out now thats why we wait for later." zayn said. i slowly got up yawning and rubbing my eyes(preteding to be tired)
  " hi louis niall and liam." i smiled at them and sat down criss cross apple sauce on the couch. i reached over for my phone. 12:00 am.
   " Shit!" i said under my breath. i was just abouto run out the door when the doorbell rang. i opened the door and saw brittany and destiny with looks on there faces.
    " we are spendig the night so heres your tooth brush and you pillow and all you hair crap.  and clothes for tomorrow." brittany said telling me so she makes surw she didnt forget anything.
  " pjmamas?" i asked. she put her head down and to sit with niall and destiny just sat on the couch.
  " zayn can i borrow a sweat shier please." i asked him since i was already wearinf legging. he nodded his head a lead me upstairs. he chose a dark blue sweatshirt and threw at me. he smirked and i shook me head and put on the sweatshirt. i then grabbed a pillow and threw it at zayn. that started me and his pillow fight. we were so tired tbat we just passed oout on his bed.....cuddling:3
i woke up to tge sound of many people talking. i look up to see liam and louis doing a ustream.
    " awhh you guys arent they so cute." louis said witha girly accent.
    " look ranas a awake." he said to the camera. i groaned head closer into zayns cheast.
just as i was about to go into deep sleep someone yellls in my ear. 
   "GET YO ASS UP!" brittany yells into my ear. i slowly got sadly waking zayn. i mumble sorrry and went to the bathroom. i walked out and zayn was dress.
    " whers are you going?" i asked.
   " we got an interview today." i mouthed 'oh' and noddes my head.
    zayn pov:
 we were on our way to the interview. but all i was think about was rana. she looked so cute when she wakes up. her hair is everywhere but then she puts it into a messy bun. her eyes are alittle bit opened and her voice is so soft. we finalky got to the interview. theady asked us the vasic questions .
     " so harry how do you feel seeing zayn with you ex. girlfriend like that?" the interviewer asked. harry shrugged.
    " im happy that she is happy and zayn had her first so yea" hary said shrugging his shlulders
    " well zayn are you and rana dating ?"he asked. i shooked my head no.. 
" no no not yet." i said smirrking all the boys went ooooh.
   " well do you like her?" the interviewer asked.  i blushed and lookeds down.
    " ill take that as a yes. do you think you guys can look past the past and go out again.". i shrugged my shoulder.
    " well what do you like most about her?" interviewer asked. All the boys groaned.
    " please dont get him started. Niall made that mistake already and we spent an hour listeening to him talk about her." Louis said. I rolled my eyes. The rest of the interview i was completely bored. We all walked out the building and we saw a group of people crowded around two girls doing some weird dancing. 
   " mates look over there" i said to the boys. We all walked over to the group of people some of the girls gaspped when they saw us. We finally saw the girls. I smiled wide when i see its rana and brittany. Brittany caight our attention first and hit ranas arm. She looked at us with wide eyes. Her and brittany bothed turned there heads at each other. They then made the face at each other. 
     Rana POV
" now since the people we were waiting for are here how about we line up and they will sign some autographs." i said only to be trampled by a bunch of girls. I looked down to see my shoe was gone. I look up to see a girl hugging it. I got up and walked up to her.
    " that is beyond weird my friend" i said to her shaking my head  and took my shoe back. I saw zayn chuckling in the backround. Soon the crowd died down and zayn walked up to me.

    " im impressed." He said to me hugging my waist. I raised an eyebrow at him.
   " you can look beautiful even when your being a complete dork." He explained to me. I looked down andd blushed. He gave me a  quick kiss on the nose and hooked arms with me. We skipped all the way to his hotel room. Once we got into his suite he got a phone call. 
   " im gonna go the bathroom okay?" i whispered to him. he nodded abd smiled at me. i did my business in the bathroom and started walking back to zayn.
   " she means nothing to me! Rana means nothing to me! i dont even like her. i only love perrie. rana is nothing...shes nothing." zayn said into the phone. i was beyond angry. but i couldnt show it. i simple walked out. zayn looked at me with worry eyes. probaly wondering if i heard anything. i put on my unreadable face and walked to my jacket.
   " i have to go now." i said walking out the door before he could say anything. i ran down the stairs and through the hotel lobby. it was pitch dark when i got outside it was also snowing. 
   " crap!" i said to myself as i put my hood up. i started walking along the sidewalk. when someone called my name.
    " RANA!" i turned around to see zayn. of course. i stopped waiting to catch up to me.
    " whats wrong? why did you leave so suddenly." he asked breathing heavly. this would be the time where i wpuld make fun of him for being out of shape. but i had to keep my grounds.
   " nothing im fine." i said to him shrugging my shoulders. zayn stopped and grabbed me by the shoulder making me look him straight in eyes.
    " whats wrong?" he said seriously.
    " why do you care i mean nothing to you!" i spat at him. his mouth turned into a frown.
  " you heard me on the phone didnt you?" he said scratching the back of his neck. i nodded my head.
    " i hate when you do that too! you make feel like i mean something to you and then you do something that confuses me. then i dont know what your feeling." i explained to him. i was crying nut my voice was shaky.
    " you want to know how i feel. i think that your best thing that has ever happened to me. i love everything when you wake up in the mornig and when you go bed. i love your eyes and the way you bite your lips. i love your smile and your laugh. i love the way your nose scruches up when someone touches it.  i love your out going crazy personality. but most of all i love you. im in love with you rana. what i said on the phone was all lies. i was talking to mangiment. they have been on my nack about girls lately. so i just needed to tell them whst they wanted to hear. i killed me when i said it." he said to me. i looked him in the eyes and smiled wide.
     "i love you zayn:)" i said smiling wide. zaun leaned down and kissed me. it sweet and passionate. it was full if love i could feel the fireworks going off. even thought it was cold i felt warm. the snow was coming down harder but i didnt want to move. zayn pulled away smiling wide.
     " will you like to go out with me..... again?" zayn hopefully.i nodded my head. smilling wide. i hade him back. the one thing i needed is back.


   4 years later
  Rana POV

 i smoothed down my wedding dress. it was only second before i woukd walk down the aisle.
   " rana it time." louis said smiling. i locked arms with him and we made our to the wedding thingy.
i breathed in.
    " calm down your suppose to be happy not have a asthma attack." louis joked. i chuckled. louis was walking me down the aisle since my father couldnt make it. im not 24 and louis is 26. i finay made it to the end. to see my brown hair brown eye boy staring in front of me. let skipp all the words and go straight to the i do's
    " Zayn do you take rana to be your wife?" the man asked. i shut my eyes. said " please say yes please yes" under my breath. zayn chuckled.
    " i do." he said. i opened my eyes to see him smiling.
   " well rana do you take zayn to your husband?" the man asked.
   " Duh! oh i mean I do." i said.
  " you may now kissed the bride." 
the man said to zayn. zayn grabbed me by the waist and pulled me torwards him. he smirked and pecked me on the lips.
   " WERE OUT BITCHES!" i scream as i threw my bouqet of flowers and took off my heels. me and zayn ran through the doors. this where our life together offically begins.
      THE END

so basically this is what other peopel life ended up.

 brittany married niall and year after i got married.

louis and eleaunor got married 

liam and danielle got married
and lastly destiny and harry didnt get married but they do soend their whole life together. they just never had time to settle down. but they havw been dating. for 10 years now.


i hoep you enjoyed it!!!

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