Never ending love


8. Chapter 8

hugged him tightly. i let my guard down letting zayn reading me.
i let go of him.
   " so were friends right? no more fightingi right?" he asked me. i nodded my head. i suddenly heard my phone ringing. i walked up to it, it was harry and answered it and putnit on speaker.
    " hello?" i said into the phone.
   " did you guys make up yet were freezing out here." harry said his voice quivering. i shook my head laughing and let them in.
   " thank god! i had to pee!" brittany yelled running to the bathroom. doesnt she have a key? when she waljed out. i asked
   " dont you have a key? why didnt you open the door yourself?" 
    " shut up......" she said at my statement. we all laughed. we all just sat down on the floor playing the game of life. we had teams since there were too many people. brittany niall, me and harry, destiny and zayn, and louis and liam.
    " WHY AM I HAVING TO MANY CHILDREN!!!" i screamed i was now on 10th child, i glared at harry.
   " its not my fault you can't resist me" he stated sticking his tounge at me. i slapped his arm and  he kissed my cheek. i laughed. i saw zayn get alittle jealous but let it go. we all having fun and everything was perfect it was like when all first met and we shared our first laughs.
  * 3 months later*
harry and are drifting apart. we dont hate each other. he is always here with me but i feel like we just dont like each other as much as we used to. 
   " hey harry, i have a questioned for you but you have to answer it truthfully and i wont get madnok?" i said to him. he furrowed his eyes brows but nodded his head.
   " do think that me and you would just be better as just friends. because thats how we treat each now like friends you know." i asked him.
    ". you noticed it too?" he asked me.
    " wait so you not mad?" he shook his head no. this was probally the most easiest break up ever. i left harry house after that because i needed to telll brittany and destiny about what happened. As i walked back to my apartment i bumped into zayn.
    " hey zayn" i said to him
    " hi where you going?" He asked 
    " im was going to go home but i think im just going to walk around for a bit."
    " i thought you and harry were hanging out today?" He wondered to me.
   " we sorta broke up because we wanted to be friends with each other." I said simply.
   " well you seem fine fore someone who just got out of relationship." he said to me
   " yea i know.... zayn do want to hang out with me later?" i said to him alittle nervous. i didn't want him to say no. he gave me a confused look.
    " just as friends" i said quickly.
  zayn POV:
i looked at her. i knew she didnt want it to be just friends. but knew she couldnt be seen being all flirty flirt with me yet since they just broke up. i smiled to myself before answering
   " sure" i answered as i scratched the back of my head. i saw her smile wide. 
  " i have to go ill text you later okay?" she said huging me and running away to her apartment.
     Rana POV:
  I knew zayn knew what i was thinking. I can read him like an open book just like he can read me. I ran inside and shut the door behind me and started to do alittle dance. Im reallly excited to be going out with zayn. You know just as friends. Brittany and destiny walked down the stairs and gave me a weird look.
    " you either have a date or your hanging out with someone you like and we know you harry broke up niall told us. Speak of the devil" brittany said as niall walked downstairs. I laughed
    " and its the second one. I cant have a date already ill be known as a whore. Im hanging out with zayn." I said smilling then reminding mysel f that i needed to text zayn and tell him what we're doing 
     Me: hey you want to go seee the lion king on broadway tonight at like 6?
    Zayn: perfect its a date ;)
    Me: yea :) ill meet you there byeeee!
It was now 5:30. I ran upstairs to shower when i walked out i got dressed in black skinny jeams combat boots and a whit laced long sleeve shirt. i grabed my phone and rushed out the door.
 i finally arrived at the theater to see zayn sitting on a bunch on his his phone. i looked the times im right on time. thats means he was was early.
    " are you ready to go?" i asked him making him jump. i giggled and he nodded his head.  
we sat down in the middle row right behind this couple making out. they kepy making theses suctions cup noises. so me and zayn went ti go and buy a popcorn and started throwing it at theirs. at first they didnt notice until finally the boy turned around.
  " hey can you please knock that off it real-" me and zayn cut him off.
   " harry" we said in unison harrys eyes went wide at the sight of me and zayn. the girl with harry was snickering in the backround. i looked closely to see it was perry.
   " Perry." i growled through my teeth. zayn held onto my arms making sure i don't pounce  on her. i could tell he looked hurt.
    " suprised to see me with Harry?" she asked
 i smirked and leaned back. 
   " nope you were always known to pick up my scraps." her mouth went widebut she closed it quickly.
    " well technically your there scap abd im the new paper. after all they did choose me over you." she glared at me evil in her eyes.
     " oh i forgot to ask you how your baby?" she said to me smiling
    " i wouldn't  know im not a whore like you." i snapped back at her.
   " you only hate me because you know im right. you know that zayn cheated on you because im better looking cuter abd he loved me more. same with harry." she said. i didnt even know hary cheated on me. i shot him a glared.
    " you wrong about one thing perrie." i said looking her dead in the eye.
   " what is that?" she asked growling
   " they never loved you." i whispered and got and went outside. zayn came out shortly after.
   " you nothing she said was true right? you are way better than her." he said softly pulling put a cigeratte.
   " you should stop you know?" isaid to him.
   "ik im trying. but lets make a deal. i quit smoking if you promise to tell me everything deal?" he propsed. i nodded my head laughing.
   " when did you and perrie break up?" i asked.
   " we didnt...." he whispers throwing his cigerattes away.
    " so that means....." i said and he nodded his head. i looked down. the sun was setting and the sky was a mixture of orange and yellow. i looked at zayn and put a strabd of hair behind my ear. i halfed smiled at him. he smiled back staring into my eyes. i really wanted to kiss him. i waa like he read my mind bevausebhe started leaning in and put his thumb on my chin. i felt fireworks go off in my head. suddenly i saw a flash. i pulled away to see paperazza hiding in the bushes taking pictures. great now thisis going ti be all over by tomorrow. i sigh.

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