Never ending love


7. Chapter 7

 the boy finished there show and we were all back stage. brittany niall were hugging it out as he was crying because he was so happy about performing. i was smilling at harry
 who cheek were stained with tears. i hugged him for a long time. 
    " rana, may i speak with you and zayn alone." simon said walking in with angry in his eyes. i gulped. im not scared of many people but that man scaredss me shitless. i walked up to him zayn following me but harry stopped him midway and whispeing something to him. i looke confused but walked eith simon.
  zayn POV:
 harry stopped me before i was about to to simon. he then whispered in my ear.
  " please dont mess up while talking to him. i dont want to lose her completely." i walked away following rana and simon.
  Rana POV:
  " im just gonna cut to chase. i dont want you near this band anymore." simon announced.
  " WHAT?!?! you cant be serious their my best friends!" i shouted. i looked at zayn help but he just looked down at his hands.
    " zayn agrees with me on this too, he was the one who came up with idea. he told your always starting fights with everyone. you have harry unfocused and your pregnant i cant have a type of responsiblity on the boys." simon said 
   "  WHAT THE FLIPPING FUCK ! im not pregnant!" i yelled at simon.
    " what final is final!" simon raised his voice at me. i looked at zayn.
   " you couldnt have let me be happy for once without you." i said to him as i walked out with anger. 
    " what happened? why do you like you ready to chop someone ballz off?" harry asked me worried. zayn then walked in with his hand in his pockets.
   " ask zayn.... i gotta go bye" i said to harry and kissed his cheek. brittany kissed niall and destiny was awkwardly standing there....forever alone. 
      Zayn POV:
i knew Rana was angry but i didnt want her datiing harry becuase it killed me in side so i made up something stupid to tell simon so they wouldnt have to date.
   " What the hell did you this time?" harry hissed at me. he is very protective over rana even though i know hates when guys do that she lets it go when its him.
    " i told simon she was distraction so he told her that she isnt aloud to see us anymore....." i mumble putting my hand behind my neck and rubbing it. just when i thought harry was going to yell his head off niall beat him to it.
  " WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PROBLEMS THIS IS GOING TO CAUSE! IF RANA CANT SEE US BRITTANY WONT SEE ME AS OFTEN BECAUSE RANA IS HER BEST FRIEND! this doesnt just effect you she had a speacial connection with everyone of us. even you zayn."  i stood there shccked but i didnt let my emotions say i was shock.
   " why wont you just have choose between you and rana its easy. " i said stupidly.
    " thats like her telling it her or you guys. she knows i would choose you guys and i know she would choose rana. just like you choose her over perrie and know matter who she is with your always the first one on her mind. " he said to me. he knew that bring rana and perrie in would set my mind straight.
  " really?" i asked
  " man even i knew that and im her boyfriend. thats why im so protective over her when your around. because in a simple thing you do she will want you back. i really like her mate but im not going stop her from loving you. but im gonna stop her from gettting hurt. not again." he said to me. i pulled him into a different room.
   " how bad?" i asked him refuring to how bad i hurt her.
  " she doesnt trust people as easy. she keeps everything bottled up to the point where her fake facial expressions and real ones are hard to tell apart. she may act like she doesnt care but she is completely broken and the fact that you act like you dont care doesnt help. you make out with girls infront of her and do everything with them. but, she is so careful not do things infront of you because she wouldnt want you to feel the way she does. knowing that if you do you wouldnt be able to go on tour and live your dream. thats the last thing that she ever wanted to do to make you unhappy evne though you coukd careless about making her unhappy." harry said looking at me. i was now tearing up. im horrible person. i need to fix this i at least to make her like as a friend.

  * 1 week later*
 rana pov:
zayn have been calling me nonstop but i havent answered him. im still beyond angry at him. i havent seen harry either turns out now he has twice the security so he wont be sneak away to see me. but brittany and destiny have been with me. except for today. im making brittany go and see niall since she hasnt seen him because of me and im making destiny try out for the dancing gig thingy. once they left i just stayed in my pj and was sitting down on the couch texting harry.
   harry: zayn still trying to call you?
    rana: yes... should i just answer him?
   harry: well um you can just talk to him in person....
  rana: what do you mean?
  harry: he coming over..... i love you
   rana: -.- i hate you
 after that harrry didnt ansswer i was beyond bored and was waiting until zayn came. finally the doorbell rang i opened it with no emotion and let him in.
   " harry told me you were coming." i saud awkwardly as he sat down my couch. which i just realize me and zayn bought it together.
   " i would have thought you would have gotten dress at least." he said looking at my large sweatshirt idk where i got it from and a pair if sweat pants . i shrugged my shoulders.
    " ok im sorry about what i did i just reallyhated seeing you so happy-" i interrupteed zayn by saying
   " you hated seeing me happy?. so the past year and a  half youve been my life a lving hell. Just because u didnt want me happy? What kind of sick person does that?!" Do you belong in a me-" zayn then interrupted me.
   " for once can you please let me speak. All you have been doing is yelling at me but you never ever let me finish what im going to your letting me." Zayn said firmly looking into my eyes. I nodded my head and sat back down.
    " ok what i was saying before you interuppted me is that i hated seeing you happy with someone else besides me. I hated knowing that someone else could make you feel as happy as i did. Knowing that i dont have the same effect on you as you do on me." he said fiddling with his fingers. i had no idea what to say. me and zayn felt the same way but just expressed it in different ways.
   " you do have an effect on me. one of the reasons i dont let you look in my eyes is because i know that i will just melt. but then i see the memories and the tears comes and then i see the day you told me and i feel hurt and angry."
i said to zayn now laying down on the couch. zayn looked up at me with a shocked look.
i turned my head torwards him and looked in his eyes.
   " didnt think i would say anything did you?" i said to him. he furrowed his eyebrows.
   " the harder it is for you to read me the easier it is for me to read you." i said to him.
   " rana, why do you act like you don't  care whats happening right now? because i know deep down you want to tell me you love me why wont you just say it."
    " because i hate the fact that i do. and why should i care about what your saying when you don't. care about me?" i said to him calmy shrugging my shoulders
    " i do care about you. you know that why do you think like that? "
 he asked. 
   " if you cared why did you cheat? if you cared why did you beg for me back and then break up with me? IF YOU CARED WHY DID YOU PUT ME THROUGH SO MUCH HELL?!  AND I THINK LIKE THIS BECAUSE YOU HAVE GIVEN NO CHOICE! its either bad or badest." i stood up with every sentance. my voice getting higher and higher until i couldnt take it anymore and it turned into tears. zayn walked up and hugged me. I didnt try to getout of it. I just stoond there and cried. He put his head on my shoulder and rubbed my back. Finally i was done crying and i was just sniffling. I looked up to see his puffy eyes.
   " im sorry.." he said softly.
  " i forgive you." I said smiling. 

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