Never ending love


6. Chapter 6

      " why did you do it?" he asked.
     " she deserved it thats why?" i said looking at at him. i wasnt worried about him looking in my eyes since he could read me anymore.
   " what happened to you? why are acting like this?" he asked. i looked at him with a confused look.
    " your always angry when im around. im in a band with the people u are close with. you cant get rid me even though i know you dont want to. because deep down you know you still love me." he said with a smirk.
    " im dating harry now so i know i cant get rid of you and why do always bring back everything? is was bad enough i had to live through it but being constantly reminded of does really help me forget." me and him werent fighting we were talking.
    " why are you dating harry? because if your trying to get away from me your doing a really bad job it." he asked.
   " i like him and he makes me feel safe and he understand everything. when im with him he likes to show me off making people know that im his. and he makes me smile  :)" i was smiling as i said all of this but soonly faded zayn said.
   " i used to be everything he was to you.... what changed?"
  " you tell me... listen zayn im happy with harry for once. im willing to be friend if that means i get to keep him alittle longer."
   " you really li-" he was then cut off by perry walking out.
     " you listen here you little bitch if you ever and i mean ever touch me again i swear i will-" 
    " you'll do what?" i snaped at her glaring straight through her. she was scared by was trying to cover it up. she then just straight up slapped me. i was about lunge at her when i hear  familar voices.
  " THAT BITCH DID NOT JUST SLAP YOU!" i turn around to see brittany and  destiny standing there behind me. i smiled at them and we all crossed our hands stared straight at her.
she did the same.
   "boo!" we all said in unison. perry jumped ran behind zayn. we all laugh and shook our head. i turned to destiny and gave her a hug along with brittany. we walked back to the concert. harry ran down the stairs to me and touched my face to see if there any marks.
    " no bruises or cuts right?" harry asked.
   " well not on me..." i smirked and he shook his head and laughed. and kissed my nose i scrunched my nose up. a crowd of people went awhh
    " you do that alot you know that right?" he told me i nodded my head.
   " come on stage with me to stall the crowd while zayn gets ready." he didn't even give me time to answer i was dragged on stage and was given a microphone.
    " umm hello.... okay I'm beyond awkward." i said making a face. the crowd chuckled.
  " yea sorry im a tumblr girl. i don't really socialize with real people.. haha" once i said tumblr the crowd went bonkers .
    " im also not pregnant. there nothing in this stomach then a bunch of cheese balls since that all i eat. im also not good with children and i get really frustated it just bad and also i havent had any guy have some this yet so its not possible ." okay the crowd of girls were now cheering and laughing. its not even funny.
    " i have been trying to change that!" harry said behind touch my waist getting alittle to touchy for people to be seeing. i got out of his grasp and ran for the nerf gun that was on the stage.
   " dont come any closer styles."  i said he then pulled a nerf gun out of nowhere.
   " watch me mrs. styles." he said to me.
   " where the hell did you get that from?" i asked but then was squirt with water. " your so dead" i ran after himm shooting like a crazy person. finally i ran out water and i  was soaking wet. harry then came up to me and kissed me.
   " now we both win" he smiled at me.
   " THAT WAS ADOARABLE!" some yelled from the crowd look to see who is was and saw destiny smiling at me mi shoon my head a stuck the middle finger up at her.

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