Never ending love


5. Chapter 5

 i shot him a look of confusion everytime he did it. we finally arrived at the apartment. everyone piled in trampling me to the ground. i sat on the ground pouting and  laughing. all the boyz stared at me laughing even zayn smiled alittle until perry shot him a look and he shut up. i stood up. and ran to the  radio turned it up the loudest. i started dancing like crazy. everyone joined in except perry and zayn. of course..... i turned to look at her but her and zayn were making out. my heart stoped and droped. it was interuppted be a knocking of the door i turn the music down to see the land lord looking at me. i smiled 
   " keep it down!" he yelled. i closed the door in his face. zayn and perry still were making out i made my way to the kitchen and took out the pancakes. i stared at them looking at them. 
  " Zayn?" i said through the hall way walking down the stairs. i was still alittle sleepy. i walked into the kitchen to see him making pancakes. i smiled and stuck my finger into the batter and licked it. 
    " rana! now it has your finger germs!" he whined i laughed and shrugged my shoulders. i walked to the fridge to get a water bottle. i turned around to have batter  smeard on my lips. i opened my eyes shocked and then he kiss me. i of course kissed back. it was sweet and passionite. until it got a little more intense. he picked me up put me on the counter. still not breaking the kiss. this was right now a full on make out session. finally needed to breath so what i broke the kiss. breathing heavily and we put our forheads together. he kissed my nose i scrunched up my nose.*end of flashback*
 i put my head down and pushed the pancakes across the table. i let the tears fall down my eyes. i got up quickly and walked into the living room zayn and perry were still sucking faces. i pulled them apart.
   "Get. Out." i sternly said.
   " excuse me?" perry said standing up. 
  " GET OUT NOW!" i screamed. she jumped and rolled her eyes and walked out. zayn  looked at me with sorrow eyes. i looked at him with tears in my eyes
  " please...." i whispered choking. he nodded his head a walked to the door. shutting it leaving perry outside shocked and him on the inside with everyone.
   zayn pov:
i looked at eveyone signaling them to leave the room. brittany was hesitant at first but niall convinced her. rana was now sitting down on the ground hands in her face and her hair falling perfectly around it. it killed me to see her like that even then not her at all. i sat down next to her and hugged her. she pulled back many times but my grip was to strong.
   " why do you that?" she asked getting out of my grasp. i shot her a confused look. i couldnt read her anymore she was a complete close book and all you know about it is what you see on the cover.
   " why do you act like you care about me? but then do things that you know it will kill me on the inside. i came here to get away from you. but all i could think about was why didn't he stop me from leaving. i stood in the airport waiting and hoping you were going show up. but you never came. why didn't you just come to say goodbye?"
she stood up tears streaming down her face her voice was calm filled with hurt and pain. i stood up and looked down at my feet stoping my tears from coming from my own eyes.
  rana pov:
he just stood there and said nothing.
    " i hate you. but not because you fucked up my whole life but because I 
cant help but have a smile on face when someone says your name. because you can  make me fall for you everytime you walk into room. for once i want to be able to control what i feel or at least be with someone who doesnt toy with it." i said i was done crying by now. i shrugged my shoulders and walked to the door and open the door to see perry still there. 
   " your girlfriend is waiting for you" i said and pointed to the door. he walked out stoppin at me and look at me. trying to read me... he couldnt do it and gave up and walked out. 

 brittany walked in and hugged me. i hugged back and smiled. liam walked in.
  " im so sorry i didnt know!" liam went on.
  " liam its ok haha im fine." i said luaghing. 
   " so getting off this subject lets go have fun!" i need to get out. i got dress into clothes ( ). we all walked out and went straight to times square. i saw the tree being put up. there was this man on the street singing..... he had the most beautiful voice. he wasnt asking for money through. refused to take it from anyone who gsve it to him. 
    " you guys do you see him?" i asked them smiling. louis ran to him dragging me with him. the boy set down his guitar and smiled wide as he saw me and louis and the rest of them coming up behind us.
  " you are awesome!" i squealed earning a laugh from him. 
  " im rana by the way" i said extending my arm out to him he shook it and smiled. 
    " im jack by the way and u guys dont have to introduce your self. i know who guys are." he told us. we all laughed and niall grab his guitar and started playing the beat of holy night. we all got in a circle and sang it together. by the time we were done there were people everywhere were standing there clapping. some were in tears. i smiled wide and looked at jack. he looked at me with glisten in his eye. that was the last time i saw him. later that week jack died from cancer. u would even know he had it. but in the note he left before he died he said " i thank you so much for making my last week the best. i owe you my life. but u can have guitar instead." the letter  to me. his guitar now hangs in my room. he made me realize that i shouldnt be upset because if jack learned to be happy knowing his is going die why can't i.
    * 1 year later*
im still living in new york. brittany and niall are still dating and for me i have a boyfriend. he has amazing eyes and a psmile that can light up room. i have known him for a while now. his name is harry. ik it pbvious he asked me out a few monthes back i think like 2 months. im now able to stand in the same room as zayn with getting upset. so thats good. oh and did i mention im now 18 and harry is 19. right now me and him and niall and brittany are going to madison square garden for their big concert. im super excited since ed sheeran is going to be there and totally terrified since perrie is going to be there and the last time we were face to face i kicked her out of my house. but im going to support harry and the rest of the band. 
    " rana harry llook over here! come one harry give her a kiss! is it true that your pregnant?" all the paperrazi questions were being shot at me. i was starting to get mad so i tighten my grip on harry hand. he looked at me and smiled and kissed my temple. i smiled and he lead me back stage. he was in dressing room with rest of the boys and brittany were siting on the couch in there on our phone . i was looking at the article the people were writing about me.
   " hey harry did you hear im pregnant?" i said to his looking at him. he only had pants on no shirt. i must say he looked amazing. his abbs are perfect. i realized i was staring and looked down. 
   " fucking tablods" he whisper under his breath. i laughed i founf it funny when he cursed. 
   " awwh someones angry :(" i said pouting and standing up on the couch with my knees. he came up to me and snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me close.
    " yes i am" and his smashed his lips against mine. 
   " My eyes!" brittany said. i pulled apart from harry and threw a pillow at her.m we then broke down laughing. the boys were about go stage so me and brittany went to sit down in our seats. sadly perry had the seat next to me..... crap. the boy were in the middle of iresistable. when perrie whispered in my ear. zayn kept staring at me. perrie noticed.
   " you should know he likes me and wouldnt dare to go back out with someone like you i mean look at you. thats why he cheated on you with me because  your just-" i didnt let her finish. i punched flat out in the nose. and walked out of the place to cool down. when zayn came 

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